Demon Slayer Season 2 release date Countdown, Spoilers, Watch Online, Eng Sub

Demon Slayer Season 2 release date is not yet announced but it will come out very soon in 2021 as the anime creators have recently launched various posters and trailers regarding the premiere of second season. Kimetsu No Yaiba is one of the most popular anime-series among animation lovers and that’s why fans are waiting desperately for the next season of the series. The story is based on the Japanese manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotouge and the anime is produced under Ufotable animation production. Now, let’s find out when is Demon Slayer season 2 coming out?

Demon Slayer Season 2 Release Date and Time

Demon Slayer Season 2 anime is set to broadcast from October 2021 on a programming block on Fuji TV over the course of periods of 3 months each(quarters of a year) this October and March 2022 as per the announcement by the original website of Kimetsu No Yaiba. New episodes start airing on Sundays every week at 11:15 PM JST. There will be a total of 24 episodes with an average running time of 22 minutes like the first season that will be available to watch on Crunchyroll, Funimation, AnimeLab, and Netflix Japan.

Demon Slayer Season 2 release date confirmed poster

Season 1 of the show was premiered on 13 April 2019 and considered one of the best shows of 2019. This also won ‘Anime of the Year’ at 2020 Crunchyroll Anime awards and ‘Best Anime’ in 2019. Also, there is enough content material to create more than 5 seasons and only a single season is aired yet. A new poster has recently released by the anime studios showing all the main characters but it doesn’t highlight Demon Slayer season 2 release date. However, some sources states that it will return for a new season in February 2022.

Where can I watch English dubbed versions all episodes of Demon Slayer?

You can watch the English dubbed version of all the episodes of Demon Slayer season 1 on Crunchyroll with original Japanese audio and English subtitles. Subtitles are also available in more than 5 languages so you can select it accordingly. The episodes for second season will also be available after the announcement of Demon Slayer Season 2 release date.

What will happen in Demon Slayer Season 2?

Demon Slayer season 2 arc follows on from the Mugen Train anime film and is set in the Yoshiwara red-light district. The film became the major blockbuster immediately after release in Japanese cinemas and the highest-grossing animated film of 2020 and the same is expected when Demon Slayer season 2 release date comes out. It will be a massive hit as fans are waiting for new episodes since 2019.

Demon Slayer 2 release date spoilers

In Kimetsu No Yaiba season 2, we will see Tanjiro’s final battle against Musan. Tanjiro is ready to fight with demons as the subtitle says, It’s time to go kill some demons. The last season showed the soft side of a kind-hearted boy, Kamado who lives in the mountain and lives a normal life as Fushi in To Your Eternity Season 2.

What will happen in Demon Slayer season 2

But what will happen when Tanjiro will become a demon slayer, that dangerous side will be shown in the second season. His sister, Nezuko is still alive but turned into a demon. However, the demon nature surrenders in front of her inherent human qualities to stay a human being and she turned her demonic nature to her own advantage and help her brother in eliminating the demons from the world.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba season 2 Official Trailer

Recently, a trailer for second season of Demon Slayer has been broadcasted on Japanese streaming service Abema TV on 17 May 2021 and 5 July on Aniplex USA. It is also revealed that the 2nd season production for Demon Slayer is in the hands of Ufotable anime studio.


The story movies about Tanjiro Kamado whose whole family got killed by a demon. Only he and his sister are alive, however, she is not completely fine as she is transformed into a demon too but retaining human qualities. Now, Tanjiro steps out to take vengeance for his family’s death and in his journey, he found a secret society called Demon Slayer Corps.

Demon Slayer Season 2 release date will be announced very soon so don’t worry about it? Just imagine, will Tanjiro be able to avenge his family’s death or just fade away as a demon?

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