Overflow Season 2 Release Date, Countdown, Trailer, What to expect?

Is Overflow season 2 happening? The steam has been building for a second season of the popular echhi anime since its premiere in 2020, and with hints from creators, the chances of a second season are increasing. They are only adding fuel to the anticipation fire.

When it comes to fanservice content, there are two big names, Overflow and High School DXD. Even though, DXD fans were lucky enough to see four seasons of the anime, they are still craving for more.

You have probably seen Issei enjoying in the harem of beautiful demon girls but you haven’t seen Kazushi with anyone, other than Ayane and Kotone.

We are expecting new girls to join the harem. That’s why, a second season is must, but who knows, it will happen or not?

Will there be Overflow season 2?

Fans of the popular anime Overflow have been eagerly awaiting news of a second season. The ecchi anime by studio Hokoboshi aired its first season of 12 episodes in early 2020, and left viewers wanting more.

Overflow season 2 featuring Kotone

As of now, there has been no official announcement from the studio regarding a renewal for Overflow season 2.

However, the strong viewership and dedicated fanbase make a second season likely. Many popular anime series get additional seasons if the demand is there, so fans should remain hopeful.

When is Overflow Season 2 Coming Out?

With no official renewal confirmed yet, there is no set release timeframe for Overflow season 2.

If the series does get picked up for another season, it would likely air in late 2024 or early 2025 based on standard anime industry production schedules.

Overflow season 2 anime series featuring ayane forcing Kazushi Sudou in front of locker room in high school

Studios typically allow over a year for production of a new anime season. This includes time for creating scripts, animation, voice acting and other aspects.

So, even if Overflow season 2 gets confirmed soon, fans may need to wait well into 2025 to see new episodes.

Where to watch Overflow anime?

Overflow anime is a 12-episode series adapted from a manga of the same name. It’s considered an adult anime and focuses on mature themes.

Season 1 is currently steaming on AniOne for Southeast Asian viewers. You can watch all episodes with subtitles and dubs, but is primarily targeted towards Southeast Asia.

You won’t find it streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, HIDIVE, Hulu, or Billbilli inside the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or any non-Asian country.

Is There an Official Trailer Yet?

Since a new season hasn’t been confirmed yet, there is no trailer available currently. Once the anime studio announces a renewal and start production, they will likely release a first trailer 3-6 months before the projected release date.

Anime trailers showcase exclusive clips, story and character details to get fans hyped up without spoiling too much.

So Overflow fans should be on the lookout for an official season 2 trailer sometime in late 2024 if the new season follows a typical schedule.

What Will Happen in Overflow Season 2?

Warning: Minor Season 1 Spoilers Ahead!

As a steamy hentai anime, fans can expect even more mature content and visuals in Overflow season 2. The story will continue to follow high schooler Kazushi Sudou and his relationships with his fellow classmates Ayane, Kotone, and the other women in his life.

Overflow season 2 plot

Season 1 finale left things open-ended regarding a special night with super hot Ayane. The second season would likely deal with the fallout of this cliffhanger event and it’s effect on the characters.

There are still many chapters from the manga series Overflow: Iretara Ofureru Kyōdai no Kimochi left to be adapted, so new characters and romantic encounters may be introduced as well.

Loyal fans are looking forward to the hilarious perverted moments and the talented animators will definitely surprise us with their dedication and hardwork. (If they got the right payment!)

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