Judy Justice Season 3 Filming Locations: Where is it filmed?

Get ready for more drama and justice with popular Judge Judy Sheindlin! She’s back with the season 3 of her new show “Judy Justice” on Amazon Freevee. In this court show, no-nonsense Judy presides over all-new cases and gives her famously blunt verdicts. But where was the brand new third season filmed? Keep reading to find out!

Judy Justice Season 3 Filming Locations

Judy Justice Season 3 Filmed, Culver City, California

This season, the cameras were rolling in Culver City, California! That’s right, Judy and her crew were hanging out in some super cool spots, like the famous Culver Studios. They even filmed around some iconic places in Los Angeles that you might recognize from movies! Culver City isn’t just any place; it’s got a bunch of history and some really neat studios where all kinds of shows and movies are made. Plus, there are rumors that the set was full of fun and laughterᅳimagine the cool stories the crew must have!

The Culver Studios Credit

Judge Judy’s Big Comeback

Before “Judy Justice,” Judge Judy was the star of her own show called “Judge Judy,” where she was known for being tough but fair. Now she’s back, and fans can’t wait to see her take charge and say it like it is. She’s super excited to be back on TV, helping people solve their problems.

What’s New This Season?

Get ready for some wild cases! Judge Judy will be deciding on all sorts of tricky situations. And guess what? There might even be some surprise guests and special episodes that’ll make you say “Wow!” The show’s got some new twists and turns too, so you won’t want to miss a single episode.

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