About Us

Who is Castalkie?

Castalkie is an entertainment news website founded by a bunch of cinephiles in November 2020 for the purpose of sharing opinions. If you love watching latest movies, TV shows, and have a passion for solving murder mysteries, then Castalkie is the perfect place to hang out.

What we do?

We are your ultimate source for everything you need, from ongoing TV series to the most anticipated ones, you will get everything at one place. We cover TV shows of streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO MAX, Apple TV+, Peacock, Disney+, and Paramount+. So, it’s time to relax and star your ride.

We explore intriguing murder mysteries, including unsolved cases and thrilling investigations. Get ready to dive into the darker side of human nature with our chilling crime stories.

And of course, we cover the best and cheapest ways to watch the original content in full HD quality. So, that you don’t need to search the networks where your favorite TV show is streaming.

We give you recommendations and reviews, so that, you can find the best shows and movies that worth watching instead of rushing to all garbage.

So, join us on our exciting journey as we keep you updated on release dates, share captivating true stories, explore thrilling murder mysteries, and help you discover the best streaming options. Get ready for a world of entertainment right at your fingertips!

Meet Our Team

Out team of expert writers is dedicated to the entertainment world to keep you updated with the latest information. We work hard to uncover exclusive details and behind-the-scenes insights, so you can stay informed and entertained as well.

Akshay Kaushik (Co-Founder)

Akshay is a passionate enthusiast of Japanese anime with a deep love for romance, time, travel, and action genre. When he’s not writing, he can be seen watching the best anime series and reading light novels.

His anime journey expanded with “Highschool DXD,” where he was captivated by the unique blend of supernatural action and romantic themes. The thrilling battles, intricate character dynamics, and engaging storytelling left an indelible mark on her anime fandom.

Lakshya Kaushik (SEO & Editor)

Lakshya Kaushik is an avid movie and television series lover with an insatiable appetite for psychological thrillers, true crime, and documentaries. He is also the co-founder of Castalkie.

With a keen interest in exploring the depths of the human mind, Lakshya’s passion lies in delving into the intricacies of the human psyche, deciphering complex narratives, and unraveling the mysteries that lie beneath the surface.

Paul Fogarty (Contributor)

Paul is an entertainment news writer and the newest family member of Castalkie who joined in October 2022. His interest is in covering the captivating filming locations of TV shows and latest heartwaming movies of Hallmark and other media.

Through his writing, Paul aims to share his insights, analysis, and recommendations with fellow enthusiasts, fostering engaging discussions and connecting with like-minded individuals who share her passion for the fascinating world of psychological thrillers, true crime, and documentaries like Lakshya.