High School DXD Season 5 Release Date, Trailer, Plot Updates

Get Excited DXD Fans, We’ve got some juicy news on High School DXD Season 5!

Remember Issei Hyoudou and his harem of gorgeous demon girls? We saw Issei grow from a wimpy dude to a badass Devil King, facing off against fallen angels, Gremory’s family drama, and even a trip to the Underworld.

High School DXD took the anime world by storm when it premiered in 2012 and this spicy supernatural harem anime series quickly became a fan favorite, known for its exciting action, steamy romance, and outrageous comedy.

After four wildly popular seasons jam-packed with devils, angels, and dragons, fans have been eagerly awaiting news on the next installment.

Will There Be a High School DXD Season 5?

This is the question that burns brighter than Akeno’s fire magic. Though, High School DXD Season 5 has not yet been officially confirmed, there are good signs it could be on the way!

High School DxD season 5 release date

Fans spotted clues like animators working on character designs and possible voice actor hints. Plus, an anime film was just premiered in 2023 in Japan, showing that the franchise is still going strong.

The anime has been a hit globally, and there is still plenty of content left in the popular light novel series for more episodes. So, keep the faith, DXD fans!

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What Manga Leakers Are Saying?

Some credible manga leakers believe, the chances are very good for a season 5 renewal. The light novels have enough source material for at least another season or two.

Highschool DXD season 5 leaks

Rumors has it, producers (Studio Passione) are just waiting for the right timing to continue the anime series.

Season 5 could dive into volumes 11 and 12 of the light novels. That means more action with the Vali Team, Issei’s power-up (think Super Saiyan Devil!), and maybe even a glimpse into his future with his harem (will he finally choose?).

But remember, these are just leaks, so take them with a pinch of salt (or a sprinkle of holy water, whichever floats your boat).

High School DXD Season 5 Release Date and Time

Fans have impatiently waited for a fifth season announcement since the fourth left off in 2018. Originally slated for 2020 but postponed due to COVID-19, rumors now suggest the anime is back in production.

Rias Gremory in High school DXD Season 5

As per certain rumors, the 5th season of High School DXD will likely air in mid-2025 based on the production timeline. With enough source material to cover another season, fans are hopeful the series will continue.

Some speculate 12 more episodes are coming, each about 23 minutes long. Uncensored “OVA” episodes may release additionally. Multiple online leaks corroborate claims of a fifth season arriving next year, though official confirmation remains lacking.

Is There an Official Trailer for High School DXD Season 5?

Unfortunately no trailer or teaser video has been released yet. Some fan-made trailers exist claiming to show season 5 footage – but these are fabrications. Until the show is formally renewed, no legitimate trailer will be published. We’ll have to contain our excitement as patience is key!

What is High School DXD about?

High School DXD follows Issei Hyodo, a student revived as a devil after being killed on his first date. Forced to serve devil princess Rias Gremory, Issei’s life becomes complicated as angels and fallen angels alike view his burgeoning relationship with Rias as threatening.

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What will be the story of Highschool DXD Season 5?

When High School DXD Season 5 arrives, the most likely plot arc is volume 11-13 of the light novels written by Ichiei Ishibumi and illustrated by Miyama-Zero.

This covers the peace conference between the 3 factions, the introduction of new characters like vampire lord Gasper and magician Vali.

High School DxD season 5 release date countdown

It also features epic magical battles and Issei unlocking a powerful new armor form. And of course, risqué romantic scenes push the boundaries of ecchi!

Plot wise, season 4 ended on a major cliffhanger with Issei confessing his love to Rias. Their new status as a couple is sure to be explored more in depth. There is also likely to be a rating game world tournament between devil factions. This is bound to lead to explosive battles and cheeky fun.

Issei and Rias will have to get even stronger to prevail and protect their friends. And of course, with more girls entering Issei’s harem, there will be no shortage of fan service and suggestive moments DXD is famous for.

The Oppai Dragon Rises Again!

Where to watch High School DXD Season 5?

Following the previous patterns, High School DXD Season 5 will first air on AT-X in Japan. International fans can likely stream subtitled episodes on Crunchyroll and dubbed versions on Funimation. The anime may also appear on Hulu and Netflix.

Uncensored OVA episodes should emerge for premium subscribers. These bonus episodes feature more revealing content compared to the TV broadcast.

Is High School DXD Season 5 happening for real?

Despite intense fans hopes, HS DXD’s next season still lacks concrete details. Yet production rumors and source material availability suggest more supernatural antics await.

Fans eagerly keep watch for updates, anticipating the beloved series’ return. Until official confirmation arrives, fans can continue exhibiting patience and loyalty.

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