Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 7 Release Date, Countdown, Spoilers, Netflix, Watch Online

Fans are waiting eagerly for Demon Slayer Season 2 episode 7 which is set to broadcast this Sunday on 28 Nov 2021 only on Crunchyroll. Kimetsu No Yaiba is one of the most popular anime-series among animation lovers that follows a group of Demon slayers who has taken responsibility for eliminating all the demons from the world.

The story is based on the Japanese manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotouge and the anime is produced under Ufotable animation production house. Currently, The Mugen Train Arc is going on which features Tanjiro, Flame Hashira and supporting slayers.

When is Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 7 coming out?

KNY Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 7 titled ‘Set Your Heart Ablaze’ is set to release on Sunday, 28 Nov 2021 at 11:45 AM EDT on Crunchyroll inside the United States and at 11:15 PM on Fuji TV inside Japan. There will be a total of 24 episodes in this season with an average length of 22 minutes. New episodes of Kimetsu No Yaiba Season 2 are airing on Sundays every week. The anime series is also available on Hulu and Funimation.

The release time will be different for all regions worldwide as follows:

  • Pacific Time- 8:45 AM PT(Nov 28)
  • Central Time- 10:45 AM CT(Nov 28)
  • Eastern Time- 11:45 AM ET(Nov 28)
  • British Time(UK viewers)- 4:45 PM BST(Nov 28)
  • Indian Time- 9:15 PM IST(Nov 28)
  • Australian Time- 2:45 PM AEDT(Nov 30)

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

In KNY S2 ep 6, Tanjiro was stabbed by the ticket collector while fighting Enmu but the demon slayer managed to stabilize the near fatal wound and also knocked out the ticket collector. However, the train got derailed after the decapitation of Enmu and other slayers rushed to save rest of the passengers.

Demon Slayer Season 2 episode 6 recap full episode

Akaza, higher rank three demon shows up at the moment who tried to kill Tanjiro but Kyojuro cuts the upper moon Akaza with his katana. The attack barely damaged him, he immediately regenerated and gets impressed by the overwhelming strength of Flame Hashira. He even offered Kyojuro to join him but the demon slayer refused to gain immortality and declined the offer to become a demon for the sake of humanity. This begins the battle between Flame Hashira and Akaza.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 7 Spoilers

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 7 will be one of the most emotional episode that marks the ending of The Mugen Train Arc. It will witness the death of Flame Hashira who dies in front of Tanjiro and Inosuke on fighting with higher rank demon, Akaza who is extremely powerful and immortal.

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