Christmas Bedtime Stories Filming Locations, See Hallmark Cast & Synopsis

Christmas Bedtime Stories is the new family drama film in Hallmark’s Miracles of Christmas movies lineup for 2022. The movie is directed by Alysse Leite-Rogers from the screenplay of Andrea Canning and the story is given by Nancy Grace and Josh Sabarra.

It stars Erin Cahilla in the main role of a mother who is tasked with the responsibility of raising her little daughter alone after her husband goes MIA. Steve Lund also stars as her love interest.

The comedy romance movie is produced under Crown Media Productions Even though, the film sets in a small town of US, the actual filming locations are different. Let’s find out.

Where is Christmas Bedtime Stories filmed?

Christmas Bedtime Stories Hallmark movie was filmed in and around Vancouver district of British Columbia, Canada. Principal filming began on 19 April 2022 and wrapped up on 3 May 2022 covering almost two weeks like usual Hallmark films.

Christmas Bedtime Stories hallmark movie locations
Danielle with daughter Aubrey in Christmas Bedtime Stories; Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Tegan Moss who is starring as Sophia in the movie posted on her Instagram on the last of filming. Most of the filming took place in the lower mainland region of British Columbia but some scenes were filmed around the neighbourhood of Coal Harbour, a community on Northern Vancouver Island, BC. Whaling is the most successful industry of the village.

Erin Cahill shared in a recent discussion that she loved filming the part which had snow on the set because it was so magical and cold. Even though, the shooting took place in summer, it was cold outside and also the cute dog. Steve had fun with the kids while Charlie enjoyed the lighning of the tree and the whole ceremony.

Canadian provinces are the favourite filming location among filmmakers especially Hallmark directors who love the working environment and the residents who always co-operate with the production staff along with the cast members.

Also, the lucrative taxation programs also attract cinematographers and even this industry provides employement to various locals. The Vancouer district is popularly known as Hollywood North because of its skilled talent and modern architectural desgins like the Los Angeles.

Some recent movies filmed in Vancouver are Game Set Love, We Need a Little Christmas, A Kismet Christmas, Autumn in the City, etc.

Christmas Bedtime Stories Cast

All cast members of Christmas Bedtime Stories include:

  • Steve Lund as Pierce
  • Erin Cahill as Danielle
  • Charlie Weber as Colby/Danielle’s husband
  • Alice Comer as Audrey
  • Tegan Moss as Sophia Anderson
  • Jamall Johnson as Rick
  • Ecstasia Sanders as Lisa Johnson
  • Sarah Kelley as SGT. Lena
  • Victoria Dunsmore as Jane
  • Michael Meneer as Aarons Lakeland
  • Yvonne Schalle as a Meteorologist
  • Scott Fee as a Newscaster
  • Theresa Wong as Wife
  • Denzel Brooks as a DJ
  • Sander Whiting as Group singer #2
  • Melissa Howell as a Group Singer #1
  • Denzel Onaba as a Little Boy
  • Jerry Trimble as General Toby Anderson
  • Dunya Ishola as Jenny Johnson – teen
  • Eliyah Grace Ann Drysdale as Jenny
  • Andrew Zachar as Henry
  • Willy Miles as a Group Singer #3
  • William Ford Hopkins as Tree Lot Worker
  • Vincent Ross as a Priest
  • Jeff Cooper as Husband
  • Scott McGrath as Santa


The heartwarming family romance movie follows Danielle, a mother who is forced to upbring her daughter alone after her husband is deployed to another country and went missing at the time of action.

Christmas Bedtime stories filming locations

Danielle chose to marry with her old pal Pierce Baker after three years of getting no news of her husband. When her daughter Aubrey questions about her father while learning about the father-daughter dance at school, Danielle has no choice but to tell the stories of her heroic father every night that eventually turns into bedtime stories.

However, the more she talk about Colby, the more she feels unsettled. The Christmas Eve is approaching and Danielle is hesitant about her relationship with Pierce. While Pierce is trying hard, she is not showing any signs of compassion, will this Christmas reunite them?

The Christmas Bedtime Stories movie is scheduled to premiere on Oct 29 at 10/9c, Oct 30 at 6/5c, Nov 1 at 8/7c, Nov 5 at 4/3c, Nov 11 at 10/9c, Nov 19 at 8/7c, Nov 27 at 2/1c only on on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel.

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