Where was Game Set Love Hallmark Movie filmed?

Game Set Love is the latest romantic sports movie directed by Jessica Harmon and written by Duane Poole with Alex Wright(Sand Dollar Cove, Gully, A Perfect Pairing) for Hallmark Channel.

It stars Richard Harmon and Davida Williams in the lead role of Will and Taylor who plays a tennis doubles tournament along with the other cast members.

The family drama is produced by Alexandre Coscas, Laurie Pozmantier, Venus Williams, Michael R Goldstein, and Ben C Silverman under Timeless Pictures.

Where was Game Set Love filmed?

Game Set Love was filmed inside Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada during June 2022. Cinematographer Sean Cox shared on Instagram that the movie was mostly filmed in the Lower Mainland region of BC.

Where was Game set love filmed

Richard says that he is grateful to work with the production unit and Davida Williams. He has been walking away from the set with lots of new friends. The filming setup was created near an actual tennis court to make the things more realistic.

Vancouver is a major city of western Canada located in the lower mainland region of British Columbia. Even though, the city is one of the most expensive city of Canada in terms of housing affordability, the place is quite popular among filmmakers.

The place is nicknamed as the North Hollywood due to its immense popularity among directors and producers. Dying For a Family is another good Lifetime movie that was filmed in Vancouver recently.

Game Set Love Hallmark Cast

  • Richard Harmon as William Campbell
  • Cameron McDonald as Bill Campbell
  • Davida Williams as Taylor Morrison
  • Roger Cross as David Morrison
  • Catherine Barroll as Marcia Campbell
  • Matthew Kevin Anderson as Barry
  • Tracy Austin as herself
  • Jennifer Khoe as Ashley Wong
  • Casey Manderson as Shane Landers
  • Andres Joseph as Juan Carlos
  • Claudia Chen as Dr. Chen
  • Rehaan Malik as Arjun
  • Marco Soriano as Gunther
  • Sophia Oni as Young Taylor
  • Brittany Palmer as Vanessa
  • Juliette Hawk as Mia
  • Jacob Rauma as Jack Roberts
  • Yvonne Schall as Bella Santos
  • Shiraine Haas as Katrina Hampton
  • Jeff Mohs as Chair Umpire
  • Noah Yagi as Lazlo Vastog
  • Michael Sousa as Front Desk Clerk
  • Sofia Kresta as Natlia Kolar
  • Jayden Nielsen as Zola Nagy


The film is about the story of a former tennis player named Taylor who agrees to coach her old partner Ashley along with a new one, Will. Unfortunately, Ashley gets injured during a training session and pushes the amateur tennis player Will to partner with Taylor.

Game Set Love Hallmark cast and synopsis

As the day of tournament arrives, Will and Taylor realize that their relationship is way more deep and they may be a perfect match for each other. Will the two be able to won the upcoming tournament or Taylor will see the failure face this time?

The movie becomes interesting once you start watching. So, don’t miss the premiere of the romantic movie to enjoy the romance at your home.

Game Set Love that is streaming only on the Hallmark Channel on 27 Aug 2022 at 8/7c, 28 Aug at 6/5c, 1 Sep at 8/7c, 4 Sep at 2/1c, and on 10 Sep at 4/3c.

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