Where was Lifetime’s Dying for a Family movie filmed?

Dying For a Family is an American crime thriller movie directed by Jonathan MacPherson from the story by Rebeca Hughes while the scripts are written by Felicity Evans and Toby Venables.

It stars Maddy Hills and Alaska Leigh in the lead roles of siblings, Darcie and Hannah along with the other cast. Hannah disappears mysteriously without leaving a trace to increase the problems of Darcie.

Produced by Robin Cass under CMW Summer Productions, the movie is now streaming on the Lifetime Channel and the official Lifetime’s website.

Where was Dying For a Family filmed?

The Lifetime thriller movie was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada during July 2022. Vancouver is the favorite filming location for the filmmakers due to its environment, taxation programs, and other benefits that beneficial for directors.

Filming took place under the title of ‘Ties That Kill’ in the lower mainland regions of BC, Canada. Even though, little details are available regarding the filming locations, it is confirmed that the whole shooting took place in Vancouver.

Dying for a family filming locations

The place has become the filming capital after Hollywood and its close proximity to Los Angeles is another big reason that makes this place is so special and ideal shooting location.

Moreover, the presence of numerous film studios and availability of resources ease the cinematographers work that motivate them to work more effectively and efficiently.

The Journey Ahead, Big Sky River, A Splash of Love, Caribbean Summer, Warming Up to You, Color My World With Love, and various other Netflix & Hallmark films were shot at the same place.

Cast of Dying For a Family

  • Maddy Hillis as Darcie
  • Leo Chiang as Swenson
  • Aiden Howard as Caleb
  • Alaska Leigh as Hannah
  • Kiera Wallace as Tiffany
  • Corina Akeson
  • Vladimir Raiman as Man In Black
  • Michelle Mara as Jodie
  • Jay Hindle
  • Nneka Croal as Detective Diaz


Two siblings, Darcie and Hannah are good sisters and friends who have faced hardships and overcome the difficult time together. That’s why they share an unbreakable bond with each other.

Today, their condition is much better and they have found a foster family to build new memories and bury the old devastating ones. However, there seems a problem, Hannah went missing overnight leaving behind her sister alone.

As Darcie starts to investigate, the sinister truth of foster family unveils.

The movie is now streaming on Lifetime since its premiere on 26 Aug 2022 at 8:00 PM ET inside the United States.

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