Where was a splash of love filmed? Hallmark Cast, Synopsis

A Splash of Love is the latest Hallmark romance movie of the summer lineup. The movie is directed by Heather Hawthorne Doyle, written by Juliana Wimbles, and produced by Crown Media Productions.

The movie was filmed inside the traditional province for most of all Hallmark movies but the events happening in the film looks realistic.

Likewise, the all time favorite filming location of Hallmark, director Heather has discovered something different this time.

So, let’s dive into the shooting locations and find the mysterious place that Hawthorne has found.

A Splash of love Filming Locations

A Splash of Love was filmed inside Squamish Lillooet Regional District, British Columbia, Canada. Principal filming began in the third week of March 2022 and wrapped up in April 2022.

The Squamish-Lillooet district is having four municipalities namely Squamish, Lillooet, Pemberton, and Whistler. Located right in the Rocky mountains, the breathtaking location serves as the major filming location of the film.

Where was A Splash of Love filmed

A restaurant named MOUNTAIN woMAN is an actual restaurant located in Britannia Beach of the same Squamish-Lillooet district.

Chloe comes to lunch at this place in the movie while imagining herself in the world of whales.

Director Heather shared that she spend hours on surveying and analyzing the place and finally greenlit the cast to enter into the awesome experience.

The Spirit Bay look so pretty and ice pond looks stunning with translucent water designs, the seaside village is located on Southern Vancouver Island.

Moreover, the mountain view will take your heart away as Hawthorne shared the view on the second day of filming. British Columbia is not new to Hallmark movies but the Squamish Lillooet Regional District was.

Some latest Hallmark movies filmed inside BC are Color My World With Love, Hello Goodbye Everything in Between, Heart of the Matter, Just One Kiss, No Vacancy, Sister Swap, etc.

A Splash of Love Cast

  • Brad Abramenko as Adrian
  • Rhiannon Fish as Chloe
  • Madeleine Kelders
  • Sean Yves Lessard as Marcus
  • Laura Soltis as Mary
  • Benjamin Hollingsworth as Ben
  • Juliana Wimbles as Shawna
  • Kamantha Naidoo as Shannon


Chloe is a PhD student who wants to learn more about whales in the specific region of Pacific Northwest. To fulfil her desire, she plans to travel the place and stumble upon a whale watching guide over there.

Both the learners reconnect with each other and develops a strong bond of love but how far will they go?

To know the full story, you need to watch A Splash of Love move that is scheduled to premiere on Sunday, 31 July at 10:00 PM ET and 9:00 PM CT only on Hallmark Channel.

Other showtimes of the movie are on 4 August at 6/5c, 7 Aug at 12/11c, and 15 Aug at 4/3c.

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  1. Yes a phenominal location.
    As you know, much of B.C. is spectacular top to bottom.
    It would be a perfect place for a show
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    As a fan I’m sure it would be a success.
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