Hallmark’s Warming Up to You Filming Locations & Full Cast Details, Synopsis

Warming Up to You is the latest romantic film produced by Navid Soofi, directed and co-written by Christie Will Wolf along with Steven Krent, Pamela Rice, and W. Stewart for the Hallmark Channel.

The romance comedy movie follows an outdoor fitness expert working at a luxury wellness retreat after leaving LA.

However, her days don’t remain the same and she is assigned to train a movie star named Rick Steele who later becomes her romantic partner. The relationship holds something special that will be explored in this movie.

Let’s find out where was the filming sets in. The movie is now premiering on Hallmark Channel since 7 May 2022 at 8:00 AM EDT.

Where was Warming Up to You filmed?

Hallmark’s Warming Up to You was filmed inside Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada during May 2021. The shooting was specifically done inside Vancouver Studios, Burnaby, and the downtown area which is an important tourist attraction.

Warming Up To You filming locations
Credit: Hallmark Channel

This western Canadian province is famous for its diverse culture, landscapes, variety of museums, botanical gardens, and parks. Vancouver is the most populous city of the province located in the lower mainland region of British Columbia.

Hundreds or thousands films were filmed in the same regions and the filming industry is huge inside Vancouver which is still growing significantly with each financial year even in Covid-19 pandemic.

Various outdoor scenes were filmed in Stanley Park because it provides a perfect environment for the romantic setting of the movie. It is one of the most famous and popular parks in Canada which is known for its natural beauty and numerous recreation opportunities.

A local bar was transformed into a honk-tonky bar for the movie’s opening scenes while the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park was used to shoot several romantic scenes.

Behind the Scenes

Latonya Williams who is playing the role of Sasha in the movie shared some photos of the set while having fun behind the scenes with the director, writer Christie Will and other crew members.

Warming Up To You Hallmark cast

One photo was seen with the main cast Christopher Russell and Cindy Busby. The two leading characters have a good chemistry on the set and that’s why, both of them enjoyed the process.

Filming during the Covid-19 pandemic was another challenge. Like other productions, the team followed strict protocols like going for regular testing and social distancing. Director Christie along with the creative crew embraced the challenges of filming.

Warming Up To You Cast

Cindy Busby is starring in the main role of Kate Wolfe, a fitness expert working at a wellness retreat who returns to her hometown to help her father’s struggling Christmas tree farm. She is a Canadian actress who is best known for her roles in Hallmark’s Marrying Mr Darcy and The Killer Downstairs.

Christopher Russell is playing the role of another lead role of Rick Steele, a bad boy movie star who is planning to shoot his next film but is unable a find a good heroine that can match his vibe. His credits include in other Hallmark Channel productions like Love Of Course, The Art of Us, and Christmas in Montana.

Other cast members of Hallmark movie includes:

  • Latonya Williams as Sasha
  • Al Miro as Nigel
  • Caitlin Stryker as Liza
  • Devon Alexander as Jared
  • Ricky He as Matt
  • Delores Drake as Minnie
  • Rhonda Dent as a photographer
  • Devon Ferguson as a young man


The official preview of “Warming Up To You” reads, Kate is a fitness instructor who leaves Los Angeles to start working at her best friend’s wellness retreat. To her surprise, she is assigned to train a Hollywood star named Rick for his next feature film.

The immature Kate has to give her best if she really wants to stay at her job. Both the characters fall in friendship breaking into each other heart and finally start some romance. Rick’s co-worker Liza also come to meet him at the wellness treat that also adds spice to the film.

The movie is currently streaming on the Hallmark Channel.

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