Where was The Circle Season 4 filmed? Netflix Cast, Review

The Circle Season 4 is the latest season of the American reality Television series hosted by Michelle Buteau and produced by an Independent British TV company, Studio Lambert for Netflix. Lambert produced reality show is one of the most loved television series in the reality genre due to its alluring nature, honest emotions of cast, unscripted dialogues, and the cast’s aim to receive a massive grand prize keeps the show going. The story follow the participants that are left alone in a lonely apartment. Their only way of communication is one show app named The Circle by which they can connect with online friends. The show is going very smoothly since it started premiering in 2020.

Where was The Circle Season 4 filmed?

Season 4 of The Circle was filmed inside an apartment building located in Salford city of England inside the United Kingdom. The building is located at Adelphi Wharf Phase 1 apartment block in Salford that also served as the filming site for The circle season 3 along with the other seasons of the original UK show. The apartment is situated just 15 minutes away from the Manchester City Centre.

The Circle season 4 filming locations

Principal filming began in August 2021 after the season 4 cast announcement in the same month. Tim Harcourt revealed in a recent interview that the rooftop garden was already setup and they need to prepare the gym and mediation room there. The cinematography team doesn’t want the cast to leave the set to go anywhere else, so everything was prepared within the same apartment.

Salford is a small town of in England near Manchester located in a meander of the River Irwell that forms the boundary with Manchester. The place has many tourist attractions like Bridgewater Canal, Ordsall Hall, award winning theatres and various art galleries that speak through the artifacts.

Cast of The Circle Season 4

  • Alex Brizard(28) from Arizona. playing as “Nathan,” a frat bro.
  • Crissa Jackson(31) from Pennsylvania
  • Rachel Evans(29) from Texas
  • Yu Ling Wu(25) from California
  • Parker Abbott(21) from Florida. Playing as her father “Paul.”
  • Josh Brubaker(24) from California
  • Alyssa Ljubicich(27) from New York
  • Frank Grimsley(28) from Maryland
  • John Franklin(24)from New Jersey. Playing as his mother “Carol.”


The reality show follows a group of people who are isolated in an apartment like Covid-19 pandemic locked us in our rooms. Hopefully, the participants can interact with each other by the means of a social media app, The Circle.

The Circle Season 4 Review

The show is addictive and if you accidentally watch one of the episodes then you will can’t stop watching the all seasons. You will binge-watch the American version of the original UK series and almost every viewer recommends his/her friends to give it a try. The show is rated 7.3 on IMDb and 81% approval on Rotten Tomatoes with three sea sons, The Circle Season 4 released recently.

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