Where was Sand Dollar Cove filmed? Hallmark Movie Cast Details

Sand Dollar Cove is a 2021 Hallmark film directed by Fred Gerber from the teleplay written by Alex Wright whose story is based on the 2015 Nancy Naigle novel of the same name.

Real estate development project manager Elli is sent by her company to acquire a beachfront property where they want to make a new resort but the local person named Brody.

The book is set in the fictional town of North Carolina but in reality the film shooting took place at a different location.

Sand Dollar Cove Filming Locations

Sand Dollar Cove was filmed inside Groton Village and Stonington districts of Connecticut, United States. Principal filming took place in April 2021 and wrapped up within 2 weeks.

The filming locations also include Mystic and Groton village where Esker Point Beach is located.

Hallmark Sand Dollar Cove filming locations

There is an actual store inside the Noank town named Carson’s Store. That store was renamed as Sand Dollar Cafe for the filming purposes.

Stonington located in the southeast corner of Connecticut was also used for shooting some scenes according to a report by TheDay. Ray Donovan, Holiday Fix Up were filmed inside CT.

Hallmark Movie Cast

Aly Michalka as Elli

Aly is casting as Elli, the real estate project manager in the Hallmark film. Her credits include Phil of the Future(Kelly), iZombie(Peyton Charles), Two and A Half Moon(Brooke), Anger Management, Hellcats(Marti Perkins), Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television (Amy), etc.

Chad Michael Murray as Brody

Chad is playing the role of Brody in the film who is a local resident at the place where Elli is going to build a new resort.

He met with Elli, both spends some time together with each other and develop a love interest.

You will find Chad in other popular series as Riverdale(Edgar), Dawson’s Creek(Charlie), Gilmore Girls(Tristin), Agent Carter(Jack), Scream Queens, Star(Xander), etc.

Lily Jane Chachula as Millie

Lily is casting as Millie in the Hallmark movie. Her credits include in the post-production of Lioness, Pink Flamingos, Scenes from a Marriage, etc.

Claire Bowen as Pam

Claire is in the role of Pam, the supporting cast member or maybe the fiance of Brody in the film.

Her credits include in Home and Away(Nina), Hungry Ghosts(Liz), Nashville(Scarlett), etc.

Other talented cast members include:

  • Michelle Liu Coughlin (Laura)
    Mark Famigiletti (Tate)
  • Mark Hattan (Tom Kemper)
  • Glynnis O’Connor (Nana)
    Tobias Truvillion (Mayor Conway)

Sand Dollar Cove is streaming on the Hallmark Channel since 26 June 2021 at 9 PM EDT.

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