Where was Her Pen Pal Filmed? Joshua Sasse Movie Locations

Her Pen Pal is the latest Hallmark Channel movie about a wedding planner, Victoria who is looking forward to attend the wedding of her best friend in Paris but she get’s a lil bit disappointed when she heard about her ex, Cameron is bringing a date. She also get’s reconnected with her high-school pal, Jacques and spends a lot of time together and start to admire each other.

Her Pen Pal Filming Locations

Her Pen Pal was filmed mostly in Paris, France. Some scenes were also filmed inside Sofia, Bulgaria region as per a press release from The Bulgarian Unified Production. The filming completed within the month of May. Sasse enjoyed eating croissants, beignets, and baguettes along with cracking jokes on the shooting location.


Joshua Sasse as Jacques

Joshua is playing the role of Jacques in the Hallmark film. He is an old friend of Victoria and French Pal. His other credits include Rogue(Alec), No Tomorrow(Xavier Holiday), etc.

Mallory Jansen as Victoria

Mallory is in the role of Victoria, the wedding planner. Her other credits include in This is Us, Shooter(Margo), Young and Hungry(Margo), etc.

Jayne Wisener as Tracy

Jayne is casting as Tracy in Her Pen Pal Hallmark movie. Her credits include Glow and Darkness(Beatrice of Burgundy), Injustice(Lucy), Doctors, Casualty(Simone), etc.

Lachlan Nieboer as Cameron

Lachlan is starring as Cameron, the ex boyfriend of our main protagonist, Victoria who brings a date with him at the best friend’s wedding of Victoria. His credits include in Downtown Abbey, The Unfolding, The Princess Switch: Switched Again(Antonio), Torchwood, Royal Hearts, Trendy, etc.

Lachlan Nieboer as Cameron in Her Pen Pal Hallmark

Other cast members include:

  • Gregory Haney (Mike)
  • Amanda Blake (Jen)
    Amy Louise Pemberton (Nathalie)
  • Gergana Todorova (Chef Emmanuelle)
  • Bogdana Kotareva (Tour Guide)
    John Macdonald (Seth)
    Frederic Gorny (Henri)
  • Vlado Mihaylov (Alex)
  • Janis Ahern (Beth)
    Manal El-Feitury (Mia)
    Euan Macnaughton (Allen)


The story is about an event planner named Victoria who is looking forward to plan and attend her best friend’s wedding in Paris. She is coming cheerfully but gets disturbed when he heard about her ex is also attending the function with his new girlfriend. To keep her sadness away, Victoria reconnects with her childhood French friend and the story unfolds. The rest is same what you can expect from a traditional Hallmark movie as romance, twist, and turns.

What do you think about the new Hallmark movie? Her Pen Pal is streaming on the Hallmark Channel.

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