Baddies West Auditions Where to Watch? Is it on Netflix, Hulu or Prime Video?

Baddies West Auditions is an American reality TV show produced by Natalie Nunn and Tommie Lee for the millennial focused Zeus Network.

The show is an auditional special where Natalie and Tommie are selecting the cast for the upcoming season of Baddies franchise. Baddies West will serve as the direct sequel to the Baddies South and the spinoff to Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club series that aired from 2008 and ran for 17 seasons till 2017.

It is the third season of the original Baddies that began production in July 2022. This season will continue to focus on the self proclaimed baddies together and will introduce new cast members.

Even though, the series isn’t set in Georgia but presumably across various Southern cities of the United States. Now, let’s find out the streaming options to watch the audition series.

Is Baddies West Auditions on Netflix?

No, Baddies West auditions series isn’t streaming in the giant library of Netflix right now but there are various reality shows that you can watch on the same network like Selling Sunset, Too Hot Too Handle, Single’s Inferno, Love is Blind, Bling Empire, Help I Wrecked my House, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, etc.

Baddies West auditions on Netflix

Does Amazon Prime have Baddies West Auditions?

The reality television series is not included in the Amazon Prime Video subscription. So, Prime Video subscribers will not be able to watch the series even if they are having a valid subscription to the streaming network.

Baddies West auditions on Amazon Prime Video

Neither the series is included in regular subscription plan nor it is available in the VOD section where you can rent or purchase it at some additional price.

However, you can watch other reality TV shows on the same streaming platform like Making The Cut, Married at First Sight, The Challenge, FBoy Island, Come One Come All, 90 Day Fiance, The White Lotus Season 2, Southern Charm, Real Housewives, Say Yes to the Dress, etc.

Where can I watch Baddies West Auditions?

The reality TV show Baddies West is exclusively streaming on the original Zeus Network for its subscribers.

Where to watch Baddies West auditions

If you wanna watch the series then you need to take a premium plan of Zeus that costs around $5.99 per month or you can take an annual subscription of $59.99 that comes with a 16% discount to the live price of monthly subscription.

Who’s taking Baddies West Auditions?

Executive producer Natalie Nunn, reality TV star Tommie Lee, celebrity Janeisha John, Scotlynd Ryan, and hip-hop star Sukihana are sitting on the seat of judges. They are taking the auditions of the newcomers and testing them if they have the guts to become a real baddie or not.

Baddies West Cast members Natalie Nunn

Since this is an audition episode going public, we can expect to see the real face of the contestants before they get into the actual series. There will be lot of fun.

The auditions were going on in 2022 and the Baddies series has started streaming on the same network in 2023. It has received an IMDb rating of 8.4 for its reality TV genre and depiction of power images of black women.

Where is Baddies West being filmed?

Baddies West is the third season of original Baddies series that was filmed during the bus road trips in the western parts of United States. First season Baddies ATL was entirely filmed in Atlanta, Georgia while the second and third seasons were shot at different locations.

Who hosted Baddies West auditions?

Janeisha John was assigned the role of main host for the series with Natalie Nunn, Rubi Rose, and Tokyo Toni as the main judges. Prescreen judges includes Biggie, Cat, Lo London, Scooty, and Rollie.

How many episodes are on Baddies West?

The series has a total of 14 episodes that started premiering from 12 May 2023 on ZEUS, the original network for the black entertainment television like BET+. You can stream the best Tyler Perry shows on BET plus.

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