FBoy Island Season 2 Filming Locations, Where is the Villa located?

FBoy Island season 2 is the sophomore season of the reality dating show by Elan Gale where 26 men come to participate in a dating pool and three sexy women serve as the leading judge who choose players to pass onto next round while eliminating nice guys.

Out of 26 contestants, half of the men are there for a relationship while the remaining ones are self-proclaimed Fboys who are just participating to get the prize pool. The filming location villa looks gorgeous and alluring along with the beachy environment. Let’s find out where was the filming took place?

Where is Fboy Island Season 2 filmed?

FBoy Island Season 2 was filmed inside Cabo San Lucas, Mexico during early 2022. Principal filming began in February 2022 and wrapped up within March 2022 inside the resort city located at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula.

Cabo San Lucas is a popular tourist destination among travelers and foreigners love the place for its beaches, marine life, and luxurious resorts that feels like you are in heaven. They are so magnetic that once you get there, they will not let you leave.

FBoy island season 2 filming locations

Moreover, the resort town is a well known premiere golf destination with perfect coastlines and magnificent granite rock patterns. The place is also good for fishing and playing water sports.

The first season of FBoy Island was done in the Caribbean islands while this time, the production team setup the camp inside Mexican resorts. According to sources, the 26 men and three women spent almost two months at the Mexico’s Baja Peninsula.

Even though, no cast member or HBO shared the exact location of the resort but most probably, it is not a resort but a private villa in the Los Cabos Corridor. A couple lands on the balcony while looking the pool.

Which villa was used for filming Fboy Island season 2?

The Cabo Platinum villa named Casa Ocho located at San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico was utilized for filming the resort scenes. Casa Ocho is an expensive luxurious resort that provides sleep area of 34 people along with 10 moody bedrooms and 11 clean bathrooms.

Fboy island season 1 filming locations
FBoy Island Season 1 Cast

It is just 5 minutes away from other 5 star spas, resorts, shopping malls, and other luxury buildings. The availability of so much luxurious items within close proximity made the filming process easier for dating TV show.

The producers revealed that they didn’t hire the bartender as they did in Bachelor in Paradise but they rented out bars and kitchen to manage the things themselves.

Who’s in the cast of Fboy Island Season 2?

Along with the participants, three leading ladies have been announced to cast for this season.

  • Mia Emami Jones, 26, dental Student from Tampa, Florida
  • Tamaris Sepulveda, 29, account executive from The Bronx
  • Louise Barnard, 25, model from Michigan


The 10-episode series follows three single women who are here to date a batch of men and filter them as good guys and Fboys. Good guys are here to find the love of their life and split the winning cash amount between them.

However, the other category of guys is FBoy who aim to mislead the leads and walk away with full prize of $100,000 all by themselves without any splitting of money. It all depends on the performance of the cast members.

Anything can happen in a reality show, it is unpredictable(if unscripted). It will be fun to watch all the characters gathering together for a lovely and sexy talk. The temperature is about to rise, so get ready.

First three episodes of FBOY Island Season 2 have premiered on 14 July 2022 and new episodes are airing on Thursdays every week only on HBO MAX.

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