Where is FBoy Island filmed? Cast and Trailer

FBoy Island is a reality dating show by Elan Gale where 24 men come to participate in a dating pool and three women serve as the main protagonist who choose players and eliminate nice guys.

Out of 24 contestants, half of the men are there for a relationship while the remaining ones are self-proclaimed Fboys just participate to get the prize pool. The filming location island looks gorgeous and alluring along with the environment. Let’s find out where was the filming took place?

FBoy Island Filming Locations

Fboy was filmed inside Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. The island location is in the Caribbean sea that consists of 3 separate islands namely Grand Canyon, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Grand Canyon is the largest one out of three with an area of 76 square miles. The production for the first season begin and completed within early 2021.

Fboy island filming locations

FBoy Island Cast

Nakia Renee (28)

Nakia is a 28-year old hair and makeup stylist, singer, and a songwriter from LA who has dated jerks in the past. She dates only one guy at a time but she is participating in the show to jump out from her comfort zone and promote women empowerment.

CJ Franco(30)

CJ is a 30 year old content creator and model from Los Angeles who is having a history of taming Fboys. Her therapist suggests that it would be a good exercise for resilience and endurance if she sign with the HBO MAX realty dating show.

Sarah Emig(25)

Sarah is a 25-year old woman from Chicago who signed FBOY island because she wants to take risks and enjoy life to the fullest. She wants to date someone with similar mindset as her and the person who believes in getting the most out of her life.

The first three episodes have premiered on 29 July 2021 and new episodes are airing on Thursdays every week till 12 August on HBO MAX.

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