Where was Resort To Love filmed? Plot + Filming Locations

Produced by Alicia Keys, Resort To Love is a romantic comedy by Netflix whose story has been written by Dana Schmalenberg and Rheeqrheeq Chainey. The American wedding film is directed by Steven Tsuchida that stars Christina Milan as Erica, Sinqua Walls as Caleb, Jay Pharoah as Jason, and Tymberlee Hill as Amber in the main cast. Let’s find out the name of paradise island where was this romantic comedy filmed?

Resort To Love Filming Locations

Resort to Love movie was filmed at various shooting locations inside Mauritius as Le Morne Brabant, Port Louis, and Belle Mare. Mer de Saphir hotel Resort, the last place featured in the film is also situated in Mauritius. The shooting for the romantic comedy began in October 2020 and concluded in December 2020.

Resort To Love filming locations

The Constance Prince Maurice is located near the Poste de Flacq village of Bella Mare. Le Morne is a peninsula in the southwestern region of Mauritius and is also declared a UNESCO world heritage site. Port Louis is the capital city of Mauritius that featured the fake snow and streets as New York City. The cast and crew members completed the filming within the pandemic under 3 months.

Resort To Love Plot

The story is about a New York-based singer Erica Wilson(portrayed by Christina Milian) who is excited about the launch of her new song in popular singer Cre’s new album but her excitement turned into a huge disappointment when she learned that the exclusive album has been leaked. online. Erica smashes her new song and announced retirement because that was her everything.

However, Amber(played by Tymberlee Hill) advises her to move on and start a new life but Erica has lost her mind. She was getting married to Jason last year but Jason was transferred to Charleston and Erica has to stay in New York to continue her singing career. This time, she is feeling so down and depressing.

After a few months, her friend Amber brings a new opportunity to her as a singer at Mer de Saphir Resort on the paradise island of Mauritius that brings her life on the track.

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