When and Where was Sexy Beasts filmed? Filming Locations and Plot

Produced by Bill Hobbins and Simon Welton, Sexy Beasts is an English reality TV game show where people come to date each other. The special part about the show is that normal human participants are transformed into a mythical beast with prosthetics and makeup. This British show was originally premiered on BBC Three back in 2014 and now it is streaming on Netflix since 21st July 2021. Let’s find out where was the filming of the British reality show took place.

Sexy Beasts Filming Location

Sexy Beasts was filmed inside Hertfordshire and London inside the United Kingdom. Filming for the new Netflix dating series begun in 2020 inside the UK during Covid-19 Pandemic and ended within the same year. The main shooting locations were Knebworth House inside Hertfordshire and Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne and Luton Hoo located near the border of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire according to WHTimes. The show was produced previously in 2014 for BBC Three and the American cable Network A&E in 2015.

When and where was Sexy Beasts


Sexy Beasts is about finding true love in real life. From old times, people fall in for the wrong people due to the deception of physical appearance but on this show, the scenario is different. The reality TV show allows people to make a deeper and strong connection with each other ignoring the appearances. Participants face are covered with animals, dinosaurs, monsters, or other strange creatures and then have to go on a date with other anonymous face. There is so much fun in checking the true colors of each other because there is a mask to cover face only but there is no mask that will cover your personality.

In one episode, a party professional panda, Kariselle from NJ can be seen looking for a partner to date an alien man Ethan or Josh The Bull. Each episode features another true love selector based solely on the personality of gentleman and woman.

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