Love is Blind Season 3 Filming Locations, See Netflix Show Locations

Love is Blind Season 3 has finally started airing on Netlfix in October 2022 with new surprises, new drama, and new couples. Some of them are still together from the season 2 while most of them are separated.

Netflix has also renewed the series for a fourth and fifth season in an official statement on March 24, 2022 but fans are wondering when was the filming took place.

It seems that the filming of third season took place a long time ago. So, let’s find out more details.

Where was Love is Blind Season 3 filmed?

Season 3 of Love is Blind was filmed in a newly built studio inside Dallas, Texas during summer 2021. The first season took place in Atlanta, second in Chicago, and the third one in Texas.

Love is Blind season 3 cast and filming locations

Bustle reported that the filming was delayed for a year due to Covid-19 pandemic but the shooting of season 2 and 3 took place simultaneously in the same year. Some local sources suggested that the season 3 wraps filming in September 2021.

Just like the previous seasons, the production team chose a beautiful place inside Texas where the 15 men and women can easily communicate through a wall without being able to see one another.

They did this for 10 days and if one participant wants to meet the other one then they need to get engaged. Following the rules, eight couples got enaged while only six couples journeys were followed, Chris Coelen informed Variety.

Love is Blind Season 3 Netflix synopsis

For the post-pod retreat, the couples moved to Malibu to stay at Calamigos Ranch and the famous Malibu Cafe. This portion shows the couples who decides to engage and will get to know each other more at the beautiful location.

While horror movies like the curse of Bridge Hollow and Wednesday Addams are crushing the Halloween, reality TV fans are excited for another installment of their favorite game show on Netflix.

Who’s in the cast of Love is Blind Season 3?

The whole cast belongs to Dallas, TX and that’s why the same city was used to film all the scenes before post-pod retreat. If you want to know about the whole cast of season 3 in detail then here you go.

Love is Blind Season 3 cast members include:

  • Alexa, 27
  • Bartise, 27
  • Charita, 35
  • Valerie, 35
  • Tony, 34
  • Anthony, 33
  • Ashley, 29
  • Chelsey, 27
  • Colleen, 26
  • Andrew, 30
  • Zanab, 32
  • Brennon, 32
  • Dakota, 32
  • Brannigan, 35
  • Julian, 34
  • Sikiru “SK,” 34
  • Amanda, 31
  • Dale, 32
  • DaVonté, 29
  • Jess, 30
  • Loren, 36
  • Matt, 28
  • Nancy, 32
  • Simmer, 27
  • Nash, 34
  • Raven, 29
  • Cole, 27
  • Kalekia, 31
  • Kim, 30
  • Zach, 29

How to watch Love is Blind season 3?

All three seasons of LIB are exclusively streaming for Netflix subsribers right now.Two episodes have been released for season 3 and two new episodes are airing every week.

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