Where was The Curse of Bridge Hollow filmed? All Netflix Locations Explored

Netflix has released another good movie for the Halloween in the form of The Curse of Bridge Hollow on 14 Oct.

The family comedy movie is directed by Jeff Wadlow, story is given by John R Morey, and the scripts are written by Todd Berger and Robert Rugan.

Even though, the film is being marketed as a kid friendly movie, it still uses a lot of foul language. So, you can skip the kids or family friendly part but still, its a good movie to watch on Halloween.

It somehow reminds me of Halloweentown but anyways, let’s talk about its filming locations first. Then, we will give you our review at the end of this article.

Where was The Curse of Bridge Hollow filmed?

The movie sets in a New England town but the actual filming of The Curse of Bridge Hollow movie took place very far away in the south-western part of the United States including Georgia and North Carolina.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow filming locations

Principal filming began in October 2021 and wrapped up in December 2021 covering almost a month within the heart of US state of Georgia.

Atlanta Studio Complex located at 175 Lakewood Way SW, Atlanta. serves as the most important shooting location where 80% of the movie was filmed. It provides 11 sound stage with 250k square fit of production space and 50k sq ft of office space where filmmakers can easily guide the crew.

This not only eases the filming process but saves ample of time of the cinematographers so that the time can be utilized in other stuff. That’s why the filming duration lasted less than a month. Moreover, the tax credit is country’s best and suitable.

Where was The Curse of Bridge Hollow filmed

Other important filming locations for the Curse of Bridge Hollow movie are Monticello, GA where the production unit setup a camp and Wilmington, NC whose EUE/Screen Gems Studios branch was utilized for photography purposes.

Atlanta is emerging as a popular filming location after Hollywood where various superhero movies have been filmed like The Black Adam, Do Revenge, Bad Girls Club, LOKI, Samaritan, Ms Marvel, Last Seen Alive, The Immaculate Room, etc.

Who’s in the cast of The Curse of Bridge Hollow?

  • Marlon Wayans as Howard Gordon
  • Myles Vincent Perez as Mario
  • Kelly Rowland as Emily Gordon
  • Priah Ferguson as Sydney Gordon
  • John Michael Higgins as Principal Floyd
  • Helen Slayton-Hughes as Victoria
  • Abi Monterey as Ramona
  • Lauren Lapkus as Mayor Tammy Rice
  • Holly J. Barrett as Jamie
  • Rob Riggle as Sully
  • Nia Vardalos as Madam Hawthorne


The crowd-pleasing horror comedy movie follows a cheerful teenage girl who is excited for this Halloween and her halloween hating dad who just don’t want to involve himself in the hassle. But when an evil spirit wreaks havoc in their beautiful town of New England, the man has to team up with her daughter to save the day.


No offence, but the movie is full of comedy and I don’t find any scary part. It might be because of its family friendly genre but then, why it uses strong language, the movie is being marketed as a kids comedy but it’s good for adults.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow streaming netflix

The Curse of Bridge Hollow is given a poor metascore of 38 but that doesn’t decide its future, there’re a lot movies which are having low ratings but still look good as Hocus Pocus 2(even worse), Rosaline, The Watcher, Blackout, Old Man, Spirit Halloween, etc.

The movie starts a little slowly and when it comes to real action, the movie becomes entertaining and give us a magical feeling that we can expect while watching any Halloween movie. So, this is worth watching.

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