Where was My Life Is on the Line filmed? See All Locations

My Life Is on the Line is a 2024 Lifetime thriller movie directed by Geena Hernandez and written by Neal Avram Schneider. For those who are dying to see the actual locations, hold your horses, as we’re going to cover all the filming spots.

The movie follows the story of Shannon, a call center employee at a credit union, whose life takes a dramatic turn after an ordinary customer service interaction.

As Shannon juggles a difficult personal life with an impending separation and custody battle, a desperate plea for help from a client throws everything into vain.

Bending the rules to assist the client, Shannon soon discovers she’s been entangled in a dangerous web of deceit.

With a mysterious caller threatening to expose her actions and endanger her family and career, Shannon must race against time to find a way out.

Where was My Life Is on the Line filmed?

My Life Is on the Line was filmed in the state of New York inside the United States. According to local press, most of the shooting happened in the Long Island, and was completed over a span of 3-4 weeks in late 2023.

My Life is on the Line filming locations

Long Island, NY

Long Island is an island, located in the southeastern region of New York, It is divided among four countries, with Kings (Brooklyn), Queens, and Nassau occupying its western third and Suffolk its eastern two-thirds.

While it served as the primary filming location for ‘My Life Is on the Line,’ the production team also ventured to other areas to capture specific scenes and establish the right atmosphere for the taut thriller. However, the call center, where Shannon works is situated in Long Island.

Manhattan, NY

The bustling streets and iconic skyline of Manhattan likely made an appearance in the film, adding a touch of urban grit and familiarity to certain sequences.

Brooklyn, NY

With its diverse neighborhoods and rich cultural tapestry, Brooklyn offered a wealth of potential filming locations for the crew. From trendy cafes to gritty alleyways, this borough’s eclectic backdrop could have provided the perfect setting for various pivotal moments.

An image showint skyscrapers in New York durring the filming of My Life is on the line Lifetime movie

Queens, NY

As one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the world, Queens presented an array of unique locations that may have been utilized to bring authenticity and depth to the film’s narrative.

The Bronx, NY

The rugged charm of The Bronx, with its historic buildings and vibrant street life, could have served as an ideal backdrop for some of the more intense or gritty scenes in the movie.

New York seems to be a rare filming location as it’s quite expensive and has mostly urban setting, but whenever it has been used as a location, it pays off well.

Some of the productions that took place in New York includes Ahsoka, Fallout, Mean Girls 2024, Ordinary Angels, etc.

Behind The Scenes

Katelin Chesna, who stars as Pillar in the film shared some amazing bts photos of her along with the other stars, production sets, and skyscrapers.

My Life Is on the Line Cast

Andrea Pazmino takes on the lead role of Shannon, the call center employee whose life takes a dramatic turn after a mysterious phone call.

Pazmino is an award-winning actress who also dabbles in stand-up comedy and modeling, delivers a compelling performance that showcases Shannon’s vulnerability and strength.

Katelin Chesna portrays Pilar, a character whose role in the story remains shrouded in mystery. His previous work includes appearances in shows like “Queen America” and “The Resident.”

Jose Eduardo Ramos, known for his role on “FBI,” steps into the shoes of Steve. The ever-reliable Cheryl Pickett, from “Bull” fame, portrays Jamelia.

The supporting cast is equally impressive, featuring talented actors like Paul Sinacore (Joel), Stephen Zuccaro (Dave), Kim Alvarez-Cazzetto (Maggie), Emperor Kaioyus (Dylan), Jimmy Brzozowski (Security Guard), and Leif Easterson (Security Guard).

Where to watch My Life Is on the Line?

My Life Is on the Line premiered on May 6, 2024 on the Lifetime Channel, and is available to stream on-demand on Lifetime Movie App.

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