Where was Ahsoka filmed? See all Locations of Disney’s New Star Wars Series

In the expanding universe of Star Wars, “Ahsoka” makes its grand debut on Disney+ on Wednesday, August 23. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey as new episodes of the sci-fi action series will come out on Wednesdays at 9 pm ET only on Disney+.

Created by the Avatar director Dave Filoni, the much-anticipated spin-off of “The Mandalorian,” takes place in the same timeframe as the series and connects the events that happened after the Return of the Jedi (1983) while also serving as a sequel to animated Star Wars Rebels.

The American space opera miniseries is packed with eight thrilling episodes and each episode is connected with each other like other shows of Star Wars franchise. The story moves around a former Jedi Knight named Ahsoka Tano, who is investigating an emerging threat to the galaxy after the unexpected failure of the great Galactic Empire.

Ahsoka Filming Locations

Filming of Disney’s Ahsoka was done in Los Angeles, California inside the United States under the working the working title Stormcrow with Quyen Tran and Eric Steelberg as cinematographers. When Steelburg is known for shooting masterpieces like Hawkeye, Dolemite is My Name, A Quiet Place, and Up in the Air. Tran has made her name in the industry with the FX series A Teacher, Netflix’s Maid, and Starz’s Mix.

Tweet from Disney+ showing that the filming of Ahsoka began on 9 May 2022 with the cast chair

Sources have confirmed that the principal photography began on 9 May 2022 and wrapped in October 2022 with most of the shooting taking place at The MBS Media Campus, a huge film studio located at 1600 Rosecrans Avenue in Manhattan Beach, California, United States.

MBS Media Campus

According to studio’s official website, Manhattan Beach Studios Media Campus has everything that a filmmaker desires while making a film. The studio has 15 sound stages, EV charger station, production resource Center, stage height is 35′-45′ to grid, perfect backlot with New York Street, and walking distance to the metro station.

Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano on screen

You will find some scenes where you will confuse between LA and NYC environment, that part was done in the New York street backlot within the MBS Media Campus. Two filming crews were shooting different episodes simultaneously at the same studio and that’s why, the filming was completed within the decided duration.

Moreover, the spacecrafts and magical elements were created with the help of green screens and separate sound stages were used for each episode to capture everything smoothly. Many Star Wars movies were shot on the same soil with The Mandalorian series being the latest project.

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Who’s in the cast of Ahsoka?

Rosario Dawson is starring in the lead role of the former Jedi investigating the emerging threat to the galaxy. Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Sabina Wren, a Mandalorian warrior and graffiti artist with expert knowledge of womans and explosives. An interesting story about Bordizzo is that, she watched Star Wars Rebels and spent three months understanding the franchise. Other cast members includes Mary Elizabeth is starring as Hera Syndulla, Mary Elizabeth, and Ray Stevenson as Baylan.

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