Where was River Wild filmed? Which river was used for filming?

Netflix’s The River Wild (2023) is an action packed thriller film directed and co-written by Ben Ketai with Mike Nguyen Le as the screenwriter. The 2023 film serves as a direct sequel to the original 1994 film of the same name starring David Strathairn, Meryl Streep, and Kevin Bacon as the hero and villains.

While the first film was about a couple working on their marital problems, the new film is based on whitewater rafting and has just released on Netflix and Universal. If you wanna watch the movie, you can also purchase the DVD or Blu-Ray from an online marketplace like Walmart or Amazon.

Where was the movie River Wild 2023 filmed?

The 2023 River Wild movie was filmed at Central European locations including Hungary, Slovakia, and Bosnia, Adam Brody revealed in a recent talk with Entertainment Weekly. Brody said, We’re all family or close to it and it was a thrilling experience to work with each other. We filmed in Hungary, Bosnia, Slovakia, and travelled to some towns in Eastern Europe through cars.

River wild filming locations
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The shooting was done in mid-2022 and summer heat was on its peak. They were juggling through heat waves on the ground and experiencing cold waters along with that during the rafting scenes. If you are wondering about the shooting locations of the original 1994 film The River Wild, it was filmed at the Kootenai River and the Middle Fork of the Flathead River.

Slovakia, Europe

Most of the shooting was done at an Olympic white water training facility Ondrej Cibak Whitewater in Slovakia. It is the world’s second oldest arificial whitewater venue for international canoe slalom competition. Slovakia is famous for its unique castles, caves, folk architecture, a famous celtic town, and dead sea and the best part about shooting in this country is that, it is one of the smallest countries of Europe and that’s why the team didn’t find any difficulties in travelling to different locations by foot.

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Hungary, Europe

Hungary is one of the cheapest countries if you are planning to visit Europe under a tight budget. They say, you will never go hungry in Hungary because everything is priced pretty normal here. The Central European country is bordered with Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, and Serbia. Its rich culture and history makes it an attractive tourist destination for digital nomads all around the world.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Balkans

Production team moved to Bosnian Mostar Old Bridge, Kravic Waterfall, and other popular landmarks to film some crucial scenes. Bosnia is a country in Southeastern Europe located in the Balkans. It borders Serbia to the east, Croatia to the north, and Montenegro to the southeast.

River Wild (2023) Cast

Leighton Trevor and Adam Brody are starring in the lead roles of Joey and Trevor in the thriller film. You will be amazed to know that they are a real life couple. Other notable cast members are:

  • Eve Connolly as Van
  • Taran Killam as Gray
  • Courtney Chen as EMT
  • Nick Wittman as Max
  • Olivia Swann as Karissa
  • Matt Devere as Walt

Is there a trailer?

Yes, a trailer has been released by Universal Pictures that shows a group of travellers on a thrilling adventure. The trailer begins with hills surrounded by a winding river where Joey is inviting his childhood friend for a whitewater ride.

What is the River Wild movie about?

The movie follows a pair of siblings Joey and Gray, who love each other but have trust issues as they are going out for a white-water rafting trip for the very first time with a small group. When Gray invites his childhood friend with a troubling past, Joey feels insecure as the man turns out to be even more dangerous than expected.

One side, they have Trevor, the man with a troubled past while on the other, they are surrounded by deadly waters. In order to survive this doomsday night, they have to develop some killer instincts. Will Joey and the other tourists been able to come out safely from the deadly waters?

The River Wild is now streaming on Netflix and is also available for digital purchase and Blu-ray.

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