Help I Wrecked My House Location, Where is the show based?

Help I Wrecked My House is another popular reality TV series by HGTV like No Demo Reno that stars home builder, artistic designer, and content creator Jasmine Roth who is having more than 400k followers on Instagram. She posts the photographs of her renovated homes and unique designs along with her husband and kids

Jasmine has arrived on HGTV once again with a new group of property owners who plunged themselves into a renovation project. The locations look familiar to Californian residents, let’s find out the exact locations where the actual filming took place.

Where is Help I Wrecked My House filmed?

Just like the previous two seasons of the series, Season 3 of Help I Wrecked My House was filmed in Orange Country & Huntington Beach inside Southern California. Season 1 and 2 locations include Costa Meca, Glendora, Anaheim, and Long Beach California.

Jasmine shared on Instagram that the filming of Help! I Wrecked My House season 3 was ongoing in July 2022 and wraps up on 7 August 2022. The photography took place in and around Southern Californian regions.

Help I Wrecked My House filming locations

Being a resident of Huntington Beach, Jasmine faced no difficulty in communicating with the home owners but if you have watched the two seasons then you probably know that she was pregnant during the first season. Even though, there were no communication barriers but some struggles were still there.

The online retail store owner and HGTV star has produced countless jaw-dropping houses transformations and proven herself the best. She also moved to Golden State to renovate a house and yielded positive results as expected. Today, she is known all over Huntington Beach for her creativity.

Is Jasmine Roth Married?

Jasmine Roth is married to Brett Roth in 2013. Its been nine years since Jasmine tied the knot with the love of her life. The couple is blessed with a daughter named Grace.

Help I Wrecked My House Season 3

The hit reality show premiered in 2020 for the first time while the second season began airing right after the first one in 2021. Now, a season 3 is set to release on 27 August 2022.

Roth knows the importance of opinions of home owners and she make them realize their true value that most people ignore. Her way of explaining and her level of understanding are superb. That’s why fans are eager to watch another installment of the show.

In season 3, Jasmine will be seen once again encouraging the most depressed homeowners to come forward.

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