A Kismet Christmas Filming Locations, Cast, Plot Details

A Kismet Christmas is the third Countdown to Christmas movie by the Hallmark Channel which is coming after Noel Next Door and We Wish You a Married Christmas.

It stars Sarah Ramos, Marilu Henner, and Carlo Marks in the lead roles of Sarah, Raylene, and Travis. Sarah returns to her hometown to reconnect with family and gets a huge surprise.

The family romance movie is directed by Mark Jean from the screenplay of Betsy Morris and executively produced by Lisa Demberg and Beth Grossbard for Front Street Pictures Production.

Where was A Kismet Christmas filmed?

A Kismet Christmas was filmed in Victoria, British Columbia in less than two weeks. Principal photography began on 2 August and wrapped up around 29 Aug 2022 within the B.C.

Gramma Mia. Barbara Pollard shared some photos on Instagram while the shooting was ongoing in Victoria city. Some scenes took place in the greater Victoria area. Also, Michele Scarbelli posted her wonderful experience after the filming wrapped at the end of August 2022.

A Kismet Christmas filming locations and cast

Victoria is the capital and southernmost major city of Western Canada named after Queen Victoria that makes it one of the oldest settlement in the Pacific Northwest with British settlement in 1843.

The city is known for its historical buildings, lovely harbors, magnificent architecture, and rich cultural heritage from British ancestry. Moreover, the city has much larger multi-cultural diversity than Vancouver.

Canadian provinces are the favorite filming location among filmmakers especially Hallmark directors who love the working environment and the residents who always co-operate with the production staff along with the cast members.

Also, the lucrative taxation programs attract cinematographers to bring more projects. Moreover, this industry provides employment to various locals.

Some recent Hallmark movies that were filmed within the Canadian province of British Columbia are Wedding of a Lifetime, Mid Love Crisis, Autumn in the City, Pumpkin Everything, The Midnight Club, etc.

Who’s in the cast of A Kismet Christmas?

The cast members of the Hallmark movie include:

  • Zahf Paroo as Benny
  • Marilu Henner as Raylene
  • Rubi Tupper as Jasmine
  • Carlo Marks as Travis
  • Sarah Ramos as Sarah
  • Kayla Deorksen as Helen
  • Briton T. Maxwell as Emcee
  • Michele Scarabelli as Patsy
  • Roark Critchlow as Mayor Schebly


The movie follows a children’s book author Sarah who returns to her hometown to reconnect with her family but collides with her teenage crush in the middle. She is worried as well as excited at the same time of meeting Travis. Will she able to begin her romance?

A Kismet Christmas synopsis

A Kismet Christmas set to premiere on 23 Oct at 8/7c only on Hallmark Channel. Other than that, the movie will premiere on 28 Oct at 6/5c, 1 Nov at 8/7c, 5 Nov at 4/3c, and 21 Nov at 10/9c inside Canada and the United States.

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