Wedding of a Lifetime Filming Locations, Hallmark Movie Cast, Synopsis

Wedding of a Lifetime is the latest Hallmark family comedy movie directed by Anne Wheeler from the screenplay written by Greg Baldwin.

It stars Brooke D’Orsay and Jonathan Bennett in the lead roles of Darby and Jake, a recently separated couple who pretends to be in love in a nationally televised contest to won the prize.

The movie is produced by Jamie Goehring, Shawn Williamson, and Kevin Leslie under Hallmark Channel and Lighthouse Pictures for the Hallmark Channel but where was the shooting took place? Let’s find out.

Where was Wedding of a Lifetime filmed?

Wedding of a Lifetime was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada during summer 2022. The local Vancouver news provider reported that the movie was filming in early July 2022 along with When Calls The Heart season 10.

Vancouver that sometimes refer to as Hollywood North is the favorite shooting location for the Hallmark directors due to its perfect working environment and lucrative tax programs for filmmakers.

Wedding of a Lifetime filming locations

The temporary setup was created by the production team and since the same location has been used for shooting several Hallmark films as Crossfire Trail, Game Set Love, The Journey Ahead, Dying for a Christmas, etc.

The team find no issue in designing the set accordingly. Moreover, the production company is also from Burnaby, BC and the Anne Wheeler is a BC veteran director.

Wedding of a Lifetime hallmark cast
Hallmark trailer

Bennett shared some behind the scenes photo along with a short funny video showing him dressed as a coupe with Darby. The actor shared his gratitude towards Hallmark and call it as a unique premise as compared to other premises. Overall, it was a good experience.


  • Jonathan Bennett as Jake
  • Brooke D’Orsay as Darby
  • David Kaye as Sebastian Starr
  • Mark Brandon as Vic Baldwin
  • Barry W. Levy as David
  • Jamall Johnson as Chip
  • Robyn Bradley as Kathy
  • Don Mike as Sam Turner
  • Bailee Reid
  • Justin Lacey as Larry


Wedding of A Lifetime is a family romance follows a cute story of a recently separated couple rekindling their romance after inadvertently entered into a TV contest where the whole America is watching their wedding.

A decent script with good performance by the actors. Seeing Bennett in a lead role after a long time seems refreshing with another beautiful and charming actress Brooke. Their chemistry is outstanding and matching.

Even though the plot seems nonsense at some places but these points can be connected at the end.

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