Crossfire Trail Filming Locations, Cast, Synopsis

Crossfire Trail is a 2001 western action film directed by Simon Wincer from the screenplay written by Charles Robert Carner.

The story of this made-for-television film is based on the 1954 book of the same name by American novelist Louis L’Amour that follows a wanderer, Rafe Covington who promised his dying best friend to take care of his Wyoming ranch and beloved wife before his death.

Even though the film sets in Wyoming, the actual shooting took place in a completely different location. Let’s dive into the actual filming locations of the movie right now.

Where was Crossfire Trail filmed?

Crossfire Trail was filmed at CL Ranch-45001 Township Road, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The guns and other firearms used in the film were specially designed for the filming purposes.

Where was Crossfire Trail filmed

You will find a lot of scenes where Joe Gill is carrying a weird-looking rifle that resembles with 1880s rifle. That classic gun was handmade and assembled in such a manner that it resembles the 1800s style.

Calgary is the largest city in the western Canadian province of Alberta located on the bank of Elbow River and Bow River. The city has the Rocky Mountain Foothills and the Canadian Prairies that provide ideal scenery to set up some ranch scenes.

Moreover, there is also a ranch on Township road that was used to shoot most of the scenes featuring Tom Selleck and Mark Harmon.

Even though Calgary is not a popular shooting location like Vancouver but it served as the filming location for various award-winning films such as The Revenant series, Inception, Interstellar 2, Game of Thrones, Every Which Way But Loose, etc.

Who’s in the cast of Crossfire Trail?

  • Tom Selleck as Rafe Covington
  • Wilford Brimley as Joe Gill
  • David O’Hara as Rock Mullaney
  • William Sanderson as Dewey – Bartender
  • Ken Pogue as Gene Thompson
  • Barry Corbin as Sheriff Walter Moncrief
  • Patrick Kilpatrick as Mike Taggart
  • Virginia Madsen as Ann Rodney
  • Christian Kane as J.T. Langston
  • Joanna Miles as Melissa Thompson
  • Mark Harmon as Bruce Barkow
  • Kyla Wise as. Millie – Barmaid (as Kyla Anderson)
  • James Nicholas as Chief Red Cloud
  • Daniel Parker as Taggart Gang Member (as Daniel T. Parker)
  • Rex Linn as Luke Taggart
  • Brad Johnson as Beau Dorn
  • Marshall R. Teague as Snake Corville (as Marshall Teague)
  • Carmen Moore as Dancing Flower
  • Michael O’Shea as Charles Rodney
  • Mark Acheson as Capt. Gorgan
  • Glen Gould as Bear Killer – Warrior with Chief Red Cloud


Crossfire Trail follows a wanderer named Rafe Covington who assures his dying best friend to take good care of his wife and secure his Wyoming territory even after his death. As the ranch is located in an attractive location, various gangs of the town are coming to takeover the place.

To our surprise, the widow wife of Covington’s best friend doesn’t even trust him and ask him to go away. Then, the local boss named Bruce Barkow tries to takeover the ranch and capture Ann in absence of Rafe Covington. Will Rafe been able to fulfill his promise and bring Ann safely?

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