Where was The Revenant filmed? Is the Revenant a true story or fiction?

The Revenant is an American epic western film based on 2002 novel of the same name written by Michael Punke. This revisionist western has been directed, co-produced by Mexican director Alejandro G. Iñárritu who has also co-written the screenplay along with Mark L Smith. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy in the lead roles whose acting and director’s directing turned this movie into a blockbuster that collected $533 Million worldwide with mostly positive feedbacks but where was the movie shooting took place?

The movie was a huge success in 2016 that won three Golden Globe awards and five BAFTA awards straight including Best film at both shows. Moreover, it was nominated for 12 film titles along with winning the Academy awards for Best Director, Actor, Cinematographer, and best supporting actor. DiCaprio gained a huge popularity as he won the Golden Globe Award the same year movie release, BAFTA Award, Critic’s Choice award for his work in film, and Screen Actors Guild Award.

Where was The Revenant movie filmed?

The Revenant was filmed in Alberta, British Columbia, Montana, and Argentina. Principal filming began in Oct 2014 and concluded on Aug 2015 covering a long period of 9 months. Crew has to travel a lot while shooting was ongoing as 3 different countries were used for filming and remote locations were too far.

The film shooting took a lot of time because at first there was 2 week break planned from filming after Oct 2014 but it was extended to six weeks that forced Tom Hardy to dropped from the Suicide Squad, a report of Collider also explained that why shooting took 9 months.

The Revenant filming locations

Most of the filming took place in Alberta region of Canada, especially at the location of Bow Valley where temp drops to -30 degree C, Fortress Mountain Resort near the Kananaskis Country, Badlands of Drumheller, and Stoney Indian Reserve that also featured in 2003 western Open Range. Inside British Columbia, the Mammoth Studios was used which is inside Burnaby featured in Hallmark’s Coyote Creek.

The waterfall scene was shot in fast flowing waters of Kootenai Falls located near Libby part of Montana, United States. That’s the only US location shown in the whole film.

Most importantly, the climax part was filmed in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Originally, it was planned to film in Canada itself but as the shooting was delaying, the environmental conditions were changing and eventually become hotter than required. That’s why, director decided to visit Ushuaia and give the film a final showdown.

Is The Revenant based on a true story?

The story of Revenant based on the Michael Punke’ novel real life experiences of Hugh Glass who was an American frontiersman and explorer during 1823. During an encounter with a wild bear, he sustained fatal injuries that considered closer to death. A member of his hunting team named Fitzgerald decided to leave him alone in woods and kills his younger son Hawk. Whereas the brave explorer Hugh showed immense courage and survived the fatal wounds to track down the betrayer Fitzgerald to made him realize his vengeance.

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