Where is Coyote Creek filmed? Hallmark Movie Locations and Cast

Coyote Creek filming locations are not far from your expectations but the movie can be beyond. The festival season is approaching and the Hallmark channel is bringing more and more holiday movies that you can binge-watch at your home without caring for anything. Hallmark’s Coyote Creek moves around a working woman, Paige who works at a event planning company. She returns to her hometown in the holiday season to rejoice with her parents at their Inn Hotel which sets up preparation every year for the celebration of annual party. However, this year is special and filled with full of surprises as Paige is loaded with the responsibility to organize the annual party.

Where was Coyote Creek Christmas filmed?

Coyote Creek was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia like most of the Hallmark movies as Christmas Sail, The Vows We Keep, Raise A Glass To Love, Sweet Pecan Summer, etc. Principal photography began in Aug 2021 and wrapped up on early Sep 2021 under a strict schedule. Most of the filming took place inside Vancouver while some interior scenes were filmed in the Bridge Studios located in Burnaby(Midnight Mass).


Janel Parrish is casting in the role of Paige Marker, the event planning girl who visits her hometown to meet her parents. Her credits include in Pretty Little Liars, To All The Boys, Trespassers, Right in Front of Me, Holly & Ivy, Rosewood, Janel Parrish, etc.

Hallmark Coyote Creek cast

Hallmark movie star actor Ryan Paevy is playing another lead role as Dylan in the Coyote Creek movie. His credits include in A Timeless Christmas, Unleashing Mr Darcy, Brooklyn Ninety Nine, Hope At Christmas, From Friend to Fiance, A Summer Romance, Christmas At the Plaza, etc.

Other cast members include:

  • Cameron Bancroft as Rick Parker
  • Nimet Kanji as Sara
  • Dolores Drake as Julie
  • Azriel Dalman as Noah
  • Naomi King as Quinn
  • Marc-Anthony as George
  • Linda Minard
  • Ana-Maria Alvardo as Mrs Alvarez
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