Where was Sweet Pecan Summer filmed? Hallmark Cast and Film Location

Sweet Pecan summer is a romantic family movie by Hallmark Channel under the direction of Dustin Rikert. It follows a successful product developer named Amanda who works for a cosmetic company but now the company is frustrating and putting pressure on the independent developer to change her ways.

However, she receives a good news from her favorite aunt Carol that she has found her love and now moving on with him. Before that, she needs help of Amanda to sell the pecan farm but there’s a catch. Her aunt has planned things as Amanda has to work with her ex boyfriend J.P. to sell the farm. The shooting locations looks charming and filmed under a state in US only.

Sweet Pecan Summer Filming Locations

Hallmark’s Sweet Pecan Summer was filmed entirely in Utah including Washington, Salt City, Riverton, Hurricane and Wasatch during June-July 2021. Filming began in early June 2021 and wrapped up on 2 July 2021 as per LJ’s Instagram.

Most of the shooting took place inside Salt Lake City, the filming was not easy at the place as it comes under one of the most populous cities of Utah. The Thomson Pecan Family Pecan Farm located at 2012 Flora Tech Road inside Hurricane, Utah has been featured under Utah Film Commission. Riverton is known for its gorgeous parks and a fine climate as Vancouver, British Columbia where Hallmark’s Roadhouse Romance filmed.

Hallmark Movie Cast

Sweet Pecan Summer cast hallmark movie

Christine Ko as Amanda

Christine Ko is starring as Amanda in the Sweet Pecan movie who works as a product developer at a cosmetic company. Her favorite aunt calls her up to sell her pecan farm and set things up as she is forced to work with someone from her past relationship that questions their life paths. Her other credits include Upload(Mandy), The Great Indoors(Emma), Hawaii Five-O(Jessie), and more.

Wes Brown as JP

Wes Brown is playing the role of JP is the former boyfriend of Amanda. His other credits include in True Blood(Julian), Beach Girls(Billy), Hart of Dixie(Dr. Judson Lyons), and more.

Lauren Tom as Carol

Lauren Tom is in the role of Carol who is Amanda’s beloved aunt. Her credits include in Goliath(Applebees), Pretty Little Liars, Disenchantment, King of the Hill, Last Man Standing, and much more.

Other cast members in Sweet Pecan movie include:

  • Chase Ramsey (Chris)
  • Ben Lokey (Walter)
  • Melanie Nelson (Jackie)
  • Tatum Langton (Michelle)
  • Katie Koenig (Sasha)
  • London Lazerson (Daniel)
  • Scott Takeda(Tom)
  • Nicholas Dunn (Nice Husband)
  • Megan Rees (Nice Wife)
  • James Jamison (Umpire)
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