Where was Roadhouse Romance filmed? Hallmark Cast and Filming Locations

Roadhouse Romance is a new romantic movie by Hallmark Production directed by Paul Ziller. The story moves around an army veteran named Callie who returned to her hometown when she heard the news that her grandfather passes away. In an attempt to continue her family BBQ business, she decides to come back to her hometown outside of Nashville, Tennessee but she finds that the situation is not the same anymore. Her family business is just crawling and even her first love is dating some other woman. Let’s find out the filming locations of Roadhouse Romance.

Where was Roadhouse Romance filmed?

Hallmark’s Roadhouse Romance was filmed in Vancouver and Abbotsford inside British Columbia, Canada according to recent interview with Alaina and Hynes. Principal filming began in mid-April 2021 and completed on 7th of May 2021 within the western regions of the Great White North. However, the film sets in the fictional town of Tennessee that actually filmed in Vancouver. Some shooting scenes were also set in Tucker’s Roadhouse of Abbotsford.

Where was roadhouse romance filmed

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  • Lauren Alaina as Callie
  • Tyler Hynes stars as Luke
  • Michael Teigen as Dan Cartwright
  • Kirsten Robek as Eva Jackson
  • Sarah Edmondson as Willa Tucker
  • Rachelle Goulding as Jillian Harris
  • Danny Wattley as Sully
  • Kat Ruston as Lynne
  • Deborah Barnes as Mrs. Parker
  • Jake Allan as Jason Leeds
  • Adil Zaidi as Joe Wilkins
  • Antonio Larosa as Tucker’s Singer
  • Rowdy as George Jones


The story sets in a fictional town of Tennessee where an army veteran returned to her hometown after grandfather passes away. She get there to checkout the family stuff and figures out that her family owned BBQ business is not progressing but going through tough times. Moreover, her first love is engaged with some other lady. Now, Callie becomes obsessed to revive her family business at any cost and in her journey she met a TV producer named Luke who inspires her to look forward and stand out.

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