Where was The Vows We Keep filmed? Hallmark Movie Cast

Directed by Jessica Harmon, written by Andrea Nasfell and Nicole Baxter, The Vows we keep is a newest Hallmark movie about a hard working event planner named Hazel. She returns to Rosewood to organize her sister’s wedding and finds out the exact location where her parents were married. Sisters got shocked to learn that the place is now being sold. It was owned by Simone’s family since last four generations and this is not only a place, its a landmark where many couples started their life together. In order to save the property, Hazel meets the property owner and convince her to not sold the estate till her sister’s marriage.

The Vows We Keep Filming Locations

The Vows We Keep was filmed inside British Columbia, Canada various Hallmark movies as Love Strikes Twice. Most of the filming takes place in Harrison Hot Springs and Harrison Resort. Principal shooting wrapped up on 7 June 2021 and the film goes into post production period after that time.

Filming sets in a community of Rosewood but actually it sets in Harrison only. The beautiful location near Harrison Lake has been featured all over the film along with chirping of birds. This place is also an ideal location for tourists located near the southern coast mountains region of Canada.

Hallmark Movie Cast

The Vows We Keep cast

Fiona Gubelmann as Hazel

Fiona is casting as the main protagonist Hazel in the Vows We Keep Hallmark movie. Her character is an event planner who must planned her sister’s wedding within a month. Her credits include in ABC’s The Good Doctor, Mad Men, New Girl and Castle, etc.

Antonio Cayonne as Jared

Antonio is in the role of Jared, the property owner who is setting a meeting to sold the estate. His credits include in other Hallmark movies as Christmas in Evergreen Series of movies, Appetite for Love, The X Files, etc.

Linda Thorson as Simone

Linda is playing the role of Simone, the inn owner whose family owned the estate for 4 generations. Her credits include in Avengers TV series, Hardy Boys, etc.

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