Where was Love Strikes Twice filmed? Hallmark Cast & Plot

Love Strikes Twice is the newest Hallmark film directed by Jeff Beesly and written by C. Jay Cox. The story moves around a 37-year old woman, Maggie who is unhappy with her husband because he doesn’t sparks any love interest in her now and everything appears boring. So, she decides to find the love of her life once again. While she makes the tricky decision, she finds herself waking up 15 years ago in the past at the time when she first met her future husband, Josh. The film location are beautifully presented in the movie whether it is the law firm or any other place.

Where was Hallmark’s Love Strikes Twice filmed?

Love Strikes Twice was filmed in the location of Winnipeg, Manitoba inside Canada like most of the Hallmark movies. Principal photography was done within the Summer 2021 within the capital city of Manitoba according to Katie’s official Instagram.

The place is known as the Gateway to the West and the Cultural Cradle of Canada. The film sets in Chicago but actually no location has been featured from Chicago. All of the filming was done entirely in the Canadian province. Meanwhile, you might also want to know the filming locations of ITV’s Hollington Drive.


  • Katie Findlay as Maggie(known for role in How to get away with Murder, The Carrie Diaries)
  • Wyatt Nash as Josh(Riverdale, Dear White People)
  • Rick Marshall Williams as Rick(When Hope Calls)
  • Matthew Lupu as Ash Hartman
  • Sharon Bajer as Estelle
  • Brynn Godenir as Carrie
  • Erik Athavale as Malcom

Love Strikes Twice Plot

Love Strikes Twice plot

The story of the Hallmark movie follows a married woman who feels exhausted with her husband and looking for a romantic adventure to explore. She imagines herself in the past 15 years when she first met her husband Josh. That was the time when real romance was started to build between both of them when she helped him in saving a library. Moreover, she also feels herself attracted towards her college friend, Rick.

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