Where was Hollington Drive filmed? iTV Cast and Filming Locations

Hollington Drive a thriller drama by ITV that follows the story of two sisters namely Theresa and Helen along with a missing child. When Theresa’s son, Ben asks to play in a nearby park with his cousin Eva, the sisters start to argue. However, Theresa’s partner advised her to stay calm as it will be safe for Ben to go out but Theresa’s anxiety only leveling up. Finally, she permit Ben halfheartedly to play outside but the kids doesn’t return on time. Will they ever return? What happened to them at the park? The story will answer all of your questions.

Hollington Drive Filming Locations

Hollington Drive was filmed mostly in The Mill inside Wales according to WalesOnline. Some scenes also shot at a place near greenspace called Sanatorium Park that is located in the Leckwith district of Western Cardiff.

Where is Hollington Drive filmed

When asked about choosing the film location, writer Sophie said that her mind was clear in imagining a picture of street and how towns will look. She said that the crew played well and everything went smoothly as the locations manager found the setup that Sophie were looking for. Meanwhile, find out the places where was Midnight Mass filmed.


Anna Maxwell Martin as Theresa, an antagonist who is not a good parent and often makes ridiculous decisions. She is completely flawed and a negative woman is a failed parent. Her other credits include in BBC’s Bleak House(Esther Summerson).

Rashan Stone as Fraser, Theresa’s husband who has nicely played his role in the ITV series. He said that his character is a great potboiler to give a proper and meaningful conclusion. His credits include in Desmond’s and Mutual Friends.

Rachel Stirling is playing the role of Theresa’s sister in ITV’s Hollington Drive. Helen said that his character is pragmatic, familiar, mature, and a practical one. She doesn’t seem to have an extra anger for her sister Theresa. Even though, she does thousands of silly things and creates complete chaos.

Other hollington drive cast members include:

  • Peter McDonald as David/Helen’s Husband
  • Jodie McNee as the mother of missing child Jean
  • Ken Nwosu as Fraser’s brother Eddie
  • Jonas Armstrong as Gareth

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