Where Was Raise a Glass to Love Filmed? Hallmark Cast Details

Raise a Glass to Love is a new Hallmark’s romance directed by David Weaver. It follows an aspiring Master Sommelier Jenna who returns to her family winery to explore her heritage and learn some new things. She met an Argentinian winemaker Marcelo and her love journey starts with a small glass of wine. The story will take you through the Wine Country of California but you will be surprised to know that actual filming location is not California but a beautiful place of Canada. Let’s find out the places exactly where was the movie filmed?

Raise a Glass to Love Filming Locations

Raise a Glass to Love was filmed in the location of Kelowna inside British Columbia near the Okanagan valley according to Press democrat. Okanagan is situated near Kelowna city and is known for it’s fruit orchards with a pleasant smell of pine forests. The Okanagan lake is surrounded by provincial parks and pine trees. Filming began in July and wrapped up on 25 July covering 3 unforgettable weeks according to Osnes.

The cast and crew members have enjoyed the shooting for the film and call it as a wonderful experience. Most of the filming scenes can be seen under the cast members Instagram. The place is not California but it completely mirrors the same place on the top of that, the location has its own charm.

Hallmark Cast

Laura Osnes as Jenna, the woman who wants to become a master Sommelier and to fulfil her dream, she comes back to her hometown in Wine Country of CA. Her other credits include in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel(Laura), A Killer Party: A Murder Mystery Musical(Vivika), etc.

Juan Pablo Di Pace is playing another lead role as an Argentinian winemaker named Marcelo who comes closer to Jenna and helps her achieving her dream. His credits include in Fuller House(Fernando), Dashing in December(Heath Ramos).

Raise a Glass to love hallmark cast

Other cast members starring in Raise a Glass to love Hallmark movie are:

  • Lini Evans as Lynn
  • Matthew James Dowden as Aidan Parker
  • Amanda Wong as Allison
  • Jennifer Huether
  • Shanelle Connell as Alluvial Woman
  • Matt Brown as Alluvial Man
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