Where was Death and Other Details filmed? See Hulu Locations

The new Hulu crime drama mystery series “Death and Other Details” takes viewers on a thrilling journey across multiple iconic locations, from the bustling streets of Vancouver to the picturesque ski slopes of Whistler and the Mediterranean islands of Malta.

Created by Heidi Cole McAdams and Mike Weiss, the mystery drama series stars Mandy Patinkin as detective Rufus Coteworth, who used to be the world’s greatest detective.

He finds himself on a luxury cruise liner when a locked-room murder takes place. Now, he has to find out the culprit to maintain his strong reputation. Let’s look at the shooting locations of the series now.

Death and Other Details Filming Locations

The 2024 Hulu crime drama series Death and Other Details was filmed across various landmarks in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and some European locations, including Malta and Gibraltar. The ships interiors were custom-built on a studio soundstage in Surrey.

Death and Other Details filming locations
Courtsey of hulu

Principal shooting began on 4th of October 2022 and wrapped after four months of hard work on 6th of December 2022, as per local reports.

Lauren Patten shared two amazing pictures of her along with the beautiful filming backdrop on her Instagram, before the last day of filming.

Vancouver, British Columbia

This coastal Canadian city has become a major hub for TV and movie production over the last few decades.

With its variety of locatons and extensive infrastructure for filming, Vancouver has doubled for many different places onscreen. It offers financial incentives for productions as well.

Production crew made good use of the city’s vibrant neighborhoods and grittier pockets to depict key sequences.

Downtown Vancouver’s Gastown area, known for its Steam Clock and mix of trendy cafes alongside the Downtown Eastside region, served as one prominent filming site.

Death and Other Details filming at Gastown

Some scenes of Death and other details were shot along the busy storefront-lined stretches of Alexander and Main Streets in Gastown.

Mary’s Diner on Davie Street was transformed into a shooting set during September 2022. The area’s diverse restaurants and gay bars were used to recreate the Oprah Diner. (You will see that in the series).

Whistler, British Columbia

The popular skiing town of Whistler in British Columbia was utilized to capture Swiss Alps. With its spectacular mountain vistas and slopes, the holiday destination offered an ideal wintry landscape. Extras were hired locally to appear as skiers for pivotal scenes shot on November 28th and 29th.

Gibraltar, UK

While Vancouver plays New York, some on-location filming did happen in Gibraltar. This British territory located off the southern coast of Spain was a primary port of call in the ships itinerary. Scenes were shot in Gibraltars harbor with its famous Rock as a backdrop.

The show travels back in time to open each episode with a flashback vignette. These were also filmed amid Gibraltars old-world architecture. The visually stunning locale connects the stylish period look. You will also like to see the locations of Mean Girls 2024, if you’re a fan of Plastics.


The island country of Malta, at the center of the Mediterranean Sea makes an appearance when the cruise ship halts on the islands. Scenes of the characters disembarking and exploring Malta’s capital Valletta are depicted, including the city’s most famous Victoria Gate entryway.

With its cream-colored buildings, ancient cities, and sweeping coastal views, Malta adds old-world charm fitting the mystery series. The same location was used for the shooting of another mystery film The Dancing Detective.

SS Varuna Cruise Ship Location

The most crucial filming location was the cruise ship itself. To match the specific time period and aesthetics the creators wanted, no existing ship could work. So, they made their own one.

They utilized the state-of-the-art sound stages at Skydance Studio in Surrey to recreate the interiors of their cruise ship, SS Varuna.

Death and Other Details filming at SS Varuna Cruise Ship
Courtsey of Hulu

The facility is equipped with North America’s largest sound stage alongside four other stages amounting to 75,000 square feet of production space. This enabled the crew to easily simulate a ship’s cabins and passageways.

Death and Other Details Cast

The cast of Death and Other Details includes:

  • Violett Beane as Imogene
  • Lauren Patten as Anna
  • Angela Zhou as Teddy
  • Hugo Diego Garcia as Jules
  • Pardis Saremi as Leila
  • Linda Emond as Agent Hilde Eriksen
  • Karoline as Eleanor Chun

Where to watch Death and Other Details?

Death and Other Details is exclusively streaming for Hulu subscribers inside the United States and on Disney+ outside US. Episode 1 and 2 premiered on the same day on Jan 16 and new episodes are airing on Tuesdays every week.

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