The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 2 Spoilers: Is Victoria going home?

The Bachelor has streamed it’s first episode a week ago and the number of contestants went down to 24 now as he sent 8 women back home out of 32 participants.

Now it will be more interesting to see who will won the heart of 29-years-old at the Nemacolin resort of Farmington, Pennsylvania.

Well. one of the major spoiler for the coming episode is showing that “Queen” Victoria is in the villain mode and annoying every member on the show. Let’s find out more spoilers!

The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 2 Preview

First of all, Victoria is cutting all her chances slowly to stay in the show with other cast members and she even reveals that she did not want to spend any time with them.

Moreover, she disrespected Mari by putting herself in the wedding dress photo shoot. Mari was already having a photo shoot with Matt while Victoria unnecessary put herself in middle of the shoot at the same time.

During the photo shoot with Victoria, Matt was not looking good. Even his facial expressions were not looking natural as with other contestants.

After rose ceremony, cocktail party started and Victoria told Matt about the fake personality of Marylynn Sienna as she was her former roommate.

But due to lack of evidence, her claims left unproved and on the other hand, other contestants tried to save Marylynn for her friendly attitude and crying drama.

Things appear falling for Victoria in The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 2 and no one is supporting her. So, will she eliminated in the episode 2? Let’s find out what Reality Steve has to say about it.

Is Victoria going home?

No, Victoria is not going anywhere for the next few episodes are her performance was outstanding and she even kept in the show longer than Matt. Reality Steve liked her acting and will keep her character for some more time.

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