Where is Lethal Love Letter Filmed? True Story and Cast

Lethal Love Letter is another Lifetime romantic-thriller movie whose story moves around Amelia, a small business owner who has recently been targeted of online harassment by an unknown person but she ignores the follower. Her life get a turning point when the wife of her ex boyfriend asks her to meet in person and tries to reconnect with his husband before passing away. The film is deep and is based on some true events that happened in one’s life.

Lethal Love Letter Filming Location

Lifetime’s Lethal Love Letter was filmed inside California State of the United States. Most of the shooting took place at Los Angeles during August 2020 and expected to completed around December 2020 but due to Covid-19 pandemic the shooting got affected and delayed to January 2021.

General Hospital was also filmed in the US state of California.


Clare as Amelia, the small business owner who works very diligently to serve her clients and is the main character around whom the whole story revolves. She is the one who is receiving online threats. One day, the wife of her ex boyfriend, Mark(Rick Malambri) calls her to reconnect with him and passed away some days later.

Rick Malambri is seen in the role of Amelia’s ex-boyfriend who comes together with Amelia after her wife passed away. Amelia is also having an assistant at her business named Becca and that role is played by Krystal Ellsworth. Other cast members are Forrest(Michael Steger), Vicki(Leandra Terazzano), Gwyneth(Autumn Federici), Detective Raines (Julienne Irons) who comes to investigate Amelia’s harassment case.

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Is Lethal Love Letter a true story?

Lethal Love Letter is not based on a real story but it’s them is based on true events that are happening in the world nowadays. The whole story is not a true story but we all can relate today’s scenario with that. Most of the adults are fighting from harassment today and to eradicate this problem, the victim have to tell his/her problem.

Lethal Love Letter cast

If there is no talk with officials then there will be no solution and online bullying continued. This has to stopped right now and to stop this, people need to improve their thinking also.

What do you think about Lethal Love Letter movie? It is currently streaming on Lifetime Channel now.

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