Where is General Hospital filmed? Filming Locations & Review

General Hospital is an American soap that has released more than 57 seasons till now in 2021 and 58th season is still continuing with 180 episode. It has been running from a very long time since 1963 and that’s why it has been listed in the Guinness World Records as the longest running American soap-opera. The story is not about a single character but about families, friends, loves and even enemies experiencing life transforming events in the Port Charles, New York.

General Hospital Filming Locations

General Hospital series is completely filmed inside Los Angeles, California, United States. The show has been running from 1963 and at that time filming took place at Sunset Gower Studios to the mid-1980s. After that, shooting location was shifted to somewhere else but not outside LA, California. All the seasons of General Hospital are filmed inside California. But, the filming stopped in March 2020 due to Covid-19 lockdowns and resumed after few months of restrictions in 22 July 2020 on Los Feliz set.


General Hospital(GH) is a long running soap opera that had wonderful leadership with Gloria Monty and Wendy Riche and amazing writers like Claire Labine. Also great performances by John Beradino, Kimberly Mccullough, Vanessa Marcil, Finola Hughes, Alicia Rachel Ames, Tony Geary, Tristan Rogers, Leigh Willis, Genie Francis, and Billy Warlock. Tristan Rogers and Finola Hughes were incredible as Robert and Anna in the 80s and 90s where GH was filled with action, adventure and romance.

General Hospital review

The highlight of the 1990s included storylines of the family. BJ Jones’s death, Monica Quartermaine fighting breast cancer, Stone and Robin’s love story and their AIDS storyline. Plus the amazing chemistry and connection that made Sonny&Brenda soulmates.

GH hit a rough patch in 2000-2001 with many backstage changes but it is improving in 2002. One of the most promising current storylines is the AJ Quartermaine and Courtney Matthews relationship. Billy Warlock and Alicia Leigh Willis have phenomenal chemistry that makes watching in 2002 a must.

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