What does Victoria Larson do for a living? What’s her Real Job in 2023?

You had seen Victoria Larson’s beautiful face in the first episode of The Bachelor Season 25 starring Matt James as the main cast. So, you have seen the first episode and tweet something weird with #TheBachelor on Twitter and Instagram.

You probably wondering how this woman is able to live alone peacefully without making any friends on the show. What is the source of her money so that she afford to feud with everyone? Let’s find out!

The Bachelor: What does Victoria Larson do for a living?

Victoria is the owner of a mobile spray tan business that she called as the Jet Set Glo. In addition, she is health trainer and she offers coaching sessions on her website along with beauty products and solid exercise plans.

In addition to this, she also worked as a flight attendant in private planes for one year. She posted a photo of herself on Instagram wearing uniform and also the hashtags make it more understandable like #flighattendant, #privatejet.

However, fans compare herself as the queen and viral her meme all over the internet. She is a meme-material worth promoting and after coming to The Bachelor Season 25 Victoria fan base will touch heights.

She also makes her profile easier to find by using some common hashtags like #royalaf, teamqueen, #royalty #queenlife #victorius. I don’t know what to say what this beautiful woman is really a good person.

However, nobody knows why she is showing her dark side on The Bachelor. She is totally different on the show and that is quite strange and surprising. Maybe she is highlighting her hard work and the bad time she gone through in her past.

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Lakshya Kaushik

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