Where can I watch Shining Girls? Is it available on Netflix?

Shining Girls is a 2024 American thriller drama series created by Silka Luisa and stars British-American actress Elisabeth Moss in the lead role of Kirby Mazrchi, a Chicago-Sun Times archivist who was attacked years ago and left for dead, her assilant was never found.

Based on the sci-fi novel on the same name by Lauren Beukes, the series follows the story of an archivist who works at a reputed American newspaper. Years ago, she was brutally attacked by an unknown person, and today, she is still living with that trauma. To end this suffering, she determines to find her attacker.

Produced by Kirsa Rein and Joshua Levey, with Elisabeth Moss, Silka Luisa, Leonardo DiCaprio, Lindsey McManus, Jennifer Davisson, Lauren Beukes, Alan Page Arriaga, Michelle MacLaren, Rebecca Hobbs, and Daina Reid as executive producers, the series was released on Apple TV+ inside the United States.

Is Shining Girls available on Netflix?

No, Shining Girls is not available on Netflix right now but you can watch a lot of similar thriller series like Pieces of Her, Mindhunter, You, The Night Agent, Fool Me Once, The Stranger, Ozark, The Diplomat, Bloodline, Outer Banks, Designated Survivor, The Shift movie, etc. with your Netflix subscription. The series isn’t expected to release on Netflix because distribution rights are owned by Apple TV.

Shining Girls Netflix

Does Amazon Prime have Shining Girls?

No, Amazon Prime Video does not have Shining Girls series in its streaming content library. The show is neither included in the regular Prime Video subscription nor it is available for rent or purchase from VOD section. Instead, you can purchase the original novel of Lauren Beukes from the e-commerce platform.

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can stream Reacher, Criminal Minds, Dexter, From, Shelter, The Outsider, SWAT, Fargo, Death in Paradise, Mr & Mrs Smith, The Wire, Lost, Chicago PD, Them, Blue Bloods, True Detective, Law & Order, FBI, The Handmaid’s Tale, Jack Ryan, etc.

Where can I watch Shining Girls?

Shining Girls is exclusively streaming on Apple TV+ inside the United States, and you’ll need a subscription to watch the series.

Where can I watch Shining Girls

If you already have an Apple TV+ subscription right now, you can stream the series for free along with other Apple TV originals like Raising Helen, Swagger, Ted Lasso, Foundation, Black Bird, etc. Otherwise, you will need to subscribe to their premium plan that currently costs around $9.99 per month or $99 per year in the US.

A portion of the 8-episode series was first released on March 11, 2022 at SXSW, before a wider release on Apple TV+ on April 29, 2022.


  • Wagner Moura as Dan
  • Elisabeth Moss as Kirby
  • Phillipa Soo as Jin-Sook
  • Chris Chalk as Marcus
  • Amy Brenneman as Rachel
  • Jamie Bell as Harper
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