Is Foundation on Netflix or Amazon Prime? How to watch Foundation TV series online?

Foundation is the latest sci-fi show by Apple TV+ appearing on television but on what network you can watch Foundation TV series? The story sets in an alternate universe where the Galactic Empire of millions of planets is facing an existential threat and all the species of the Galactic Empire are about to extinct followed by 30,000 years of dark age. However, an intelligent mathematician of the Empire finds out a solution to reduce the dark age to just 1000 years but the wise man gets banishment in return as a favor instead of praise. So, a group of rebellions formed along with the genius Hari and build another Foundation at the other end of galaxy to save the humanity.

Is Foundation on Netflix?

No, Foundation TV series is not streaming in the giant catalog of TV shows and movies but there are some similar shows that you can watch on the streaming platform as Dark, Alice in Borderland, Travelers, Lost in Space, The Walking Dead, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, The Originals, etc.

Is Foundation TV series on Netflix

Is Foundation TV series available on Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, the sci-fi show is not included in the massive collection of Prime Video. Neither it is available to stream for subscribers nor it is available to rent/purchase as VOD. Alternatively, you can stream The Expanse, Manifest, Runaways, Utopia, Roswell New Mexico, Upload, Supergirl, The Man in the High Castle, etc. via Amazon Prime subscription.

Can I watch Foundation online on HBO MAX?

Sadly, the series is not streaming on HBO or HBO MAX but there are various similar shows that you can watch via HBO MAX subscription as Titans, His Dark Materials, Avenue 5, Beforeigners, Raised by Wolves, etc.

Where to watch Foundation TV series online?

Foundation is exclusively streaming on the Apple TV+ only for subscribers and you can watch all the seasons of this sci-fi series on the streaming service worldwide. There is a 7-day free trial and after that you need pay $4.99 per month to gain full access. This is the only platform where Foundation TV series is available. Moreover, you can watch the trending sports comedy series Ted Lasso, epic drama Dickinson, medieval show See, and the all time favorite The Morning Show at the same streaming platform.

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