Is The Handmaid’s Tale on Netflix or Amazon Prime?

Created by Bruce Miller, The Handmaid’s Tale is an American dystopian television series whose story is based on the 1985 novel of the same name written by Canadian author Margaret Atwood.

The series follows the journey of Offred, one of the few fertile women known as Handmaids in the oppressive Republic of Gilead, who is forced to live as a concubine under a fundamentalist theocratic dictatorship.

Michael Stoyanov, Elisabeth Williams, Nika Castillo, Joseph Boccia, Nina Flore, John Herrera, and Dorothy Fortenberry are the producers of the series under Littlefield Company, Daniel Wilson Productions, MGM Television, and White Oak Pictures for HULU.

Is The Handmaid’s Tale on Netflix?

The Handmaid’s Tale is a Hulu Original series and is not available to watch on Netflix. However, there are a lot of good psychological thriller series that you can watch right now with a Netflix subscription like You, Alias Grace, The Strays, Black Mirror, Colony, The Leftovers, Twin Peaks, 3%, The Underground Railroad, Mad Men, Harlots, and Top of the Lake.

The Handmaid's Tale on Netflix

Where to watch Handmaid’s Tale?

The Handmaid’s Tale is available to stream on Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, and other streaming services. You can also rent or purchase the series on DVD or Blu-ray. Additionally, some viewers may be able to watch the series on All4 Channel on their cable or satellite TV.

Is Handmaid’s Tale free on Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, The Handmaid’s Tale is not available for free on Amazon Prime but you can watch a lot of similar shows like The Man in High Castle, Orphan Black, Mad Men, Westworld, Big Little Lies, Killing Eve, Mr Robot, DMZ, Into the Badlands, etc.

Is The Handmaid's Tale Free on Amazon Prime Video

All of these shows share a similar dark and dystopian tone, and feature strong social messaging and diverse casts. So, if you have finished your favorite dystopia series then you can start watching them right now without paying an extra dime on Prime Video.

How to watch all seasons of Handmaid’s Tale?

All seasons of The Handmaid’s Tale are streaming exclusively on Hulu. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial to watch the show for free. You can also watch the show with a free trial of Amazon Prime, which includes the first two seasons.

Additionally, seasons 1-4 of The Handmaid’s Tale are available to watch free-of-charge on All4 Channel inside the United Kingdom, on Crave inside Canada, on OCX Max in France, on Zattoo in Germany, on Apple TV, SBS on Demand, and Stan inside Australia.

What is the main point of Handmaid’s Tale?

The main point of Handmaid’s Tale is to explore themes of female subjugation and oppression in a patriarchal society, the loss of female autonomy and individuality, and the dangers of religious fundamentalism and the suppression of women’s reproductive rights.

The Handmaid's Tale Where to watch
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Is the Christianity series worth watching?

Absolutely, the sci-fi thriller series is definitely worth watching. It’s an incredibly engaging and powerful show that presents a thought-provoking and often chilling exploration of a dystopian society.

It is beautifully shot, acted, and directed, and it has a great plot arc that will keep you hooked until the end. There are some difficult episodes, but overall it is an incredibly powerful and moving piece of television that will stick with you long after it’s over.

Why is the Handmaids Tale controversial?

The novel by Margaret Atwood has been the subject of much controversy since its release in 1985 as it deals with themes such as gender roles, religious oppression, reproductive rights, and feminism, which have sparked debates among readers.

Additionally, the novel has been criticized for its use of profanity, overly sexual tones, and its depiction of Christianity, leading to it being banned in many schools and libraries.

It has also been criticized for its themes of violence, particularly against women, and its depiction of a dystopian society.

Awards & Nominations

The Handmaid Tale has won multiple awards, including the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series, and was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Drama.

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