Am I actually the strongest anime official trailer released!

Am I actually the strongest Anime adaptation gets an official premiere date for July 2023 in April 2023 and recently, an official trailer has been released.

The anime adaptation of the manga series was announced back on 7 Sep 2022 with a key visual that showed Hart, Charlotte, and Flay.

Originally written by Sai Sumimori, the LN began serialization in Sep 2018 on the novel posting website Shōsetsuka ni Narō.

Kodansha acquired the series later on 31 May 2019 and began publishing new editions with illustrations from Ai Takahashi, according to official Kodansha page.

Am I actually the strongest? Anime Season 1 Release Date and Time

It was announced in 2022 that Am I actually the strongest? manga will be adapted into an anime and now, the official website of the anime has confirmed that the season 1 series will began airing from July 2023. It will have 12 episodes with an average running time of 23 minutes.

The isekai anime television series is licensed by Crunchyroll in US, UK, and most of the countries while in Japan, the series has been licensed by ABC and TV Asahi.

Official Trailer

An official trailer for the Am I actually the strongest anime TV series has been released on 15 May 2023 that starts with a Goddess reincarnating Haruto as a baby prince.

However, his father is so rude that he ordered his wife to abandon the child in the middle of forest and left for being eaten by wild animals because of his low magic level.

But there’s a catch, the goddess of reincarnation has given 1000 times the normal amount of magic to Haruto. What will be fate of him in the forest? Who is that hot girl who is calling him his master and unzip herself within the trailer?

Moreover, we saw in the trailer that the pink wolf calls Haruto as the rebirth of demon king so, you cannot predict how much power he possess now. He should not be underestimated as a baby.

The anime is going to be steamy and full of emotions as it has been directed, co-written and animated by the same team that was behind Vermeil in Gold, another cool fantasy romance comedy anime series that premiered in Japan from July 2022 to Sep 2022.

About Am I actually the strongest anime

Based on the Japanese manga series Jitsu wa Ore, Saikyō deshita? written by Sai Sumimori and illustrated by Ai Takanashi, this isekai anime series follows a man who gets reincarnated as a baby in a royal family but left for dead by parents because they think that he’s powerless.

Now, Hart or Reinhart must find his way through the dangerous world where he is considered as a powerless guy but only the goddess knews that he is blessed with thousand times more power that is normall given to an individual.

Am I actually the strongest anime release date
via Staple Entertainment

The anime TV series has been produced by Staple Entertainment with Takashi Naoya as the director, Matsuo Asami as assistant director, and Tetsuya Yamada as scripts writer.

Tatsuya Takahashi is the scripts supervisor who is overseeing the scripts written by Yamada, while Shoko Yasuda is designing all the characters from Hart to Luseiannel.

Studio Staple is known for animating Tales of Wedding Rings, 3 Seconds Later: He turned into a beast, Vermeil in Gold, Higurashi: When They Cry, Skeleton Knight in Another World, providing production assistance in Slime Diaries, Assault Lily Bouquet, and for animating Detective Conan movie.

All the episodes of Am I actually the strongest anime series will be streaming for Crunchyroll subscribers along with English subtitles.

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