Who are Hottest Anime Female Characters? Sexiest Anime Girls and woman

Hot anime girls are the essence of any type of manga or light that gives the viewer pleasure in watching and that’s why here we come with a complete list of sexiest anime girls from whom you can’t take your eyes off. The fabulous anime girls have been picked up from the ecchi light novels, isekai, and all types of fantasy sexual anime with nudility.

Creators of the series have really done an awesome job in animating all those characters and keeping all of them into action, hats off to them. Those are the reasons behind our enjoyment today, they are also our inspiration to watch new anime TV series without any worry.

Sexiest Anime Girls of All Time, according to avid manga readers

Numerous sexy anime girls have been introduced in almost all type of anime genres from action, adventure to dark fantasies but most of the beautiful gemstones left untouched in today’s busy world. We have picked those unheard and unseen female anime characters who are hot and strong enough to spark your inner fire.

#31 Mizuhara Chizuru, Rent A Girlfriend

Chizuru Mizuhara(一いちノ瀬せ ちづる, Ichinose Chizuru) is a rental girlfriend who usually wears spectacles while going to college but can be seen without specs while she is dating someone.

The main protagonist Kazuya chose her as her girlfriend but the girl start to develop feelings for him as he jumped into the pool to save her. She is a college student at Nerima University, the same place where her client Kazuya is studying. Moreover, she lives next to him at Room 204 of Royal Hills, Nerima.

Mizuhara Chizuru from Rent A Girlfriend anime

#30 Takao, Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio

Takao 高雄 (タカオ) is the mental model of the Fog Ship who wishes to make Gunzou her captain. She is a skinny girl who has shiny blue eyes with long hairs. Some hairs are tied through a bun while rest of them are unkempt. At first sight, she was arrogant and narcissistic but after facing a defeat from I-401, she decides to spent some time around humans.

Takao from Arpeggio of Blue Steel

#29 Sylvia LYYNEHEYM, The Asterisk War

Sylvia Lyyneheym (シルヴィア・リューネハイム) is the world’s most famous idol and president of Queenvail Girl’s Academy who can use her Strega ability to manipulate mana and control her surroundings. She has long purple hairs and eyes, her charm makes her super cute yet she is so much powerful.

Sylvia LYYNEHEYM from The Asterisk War anime

#28 Froleytia Capistrano, Heavy Object

Major Froleytia Capistrano (フローレイティア=カピストラーノ Furōretia Kapisutorāno) is the hottest and powerful female of Heavy Object animated series. She is a slender woman with massive breasts and long silver hairs which falls on right and left front along. Her characteristic purple adds charm to her blue officer’s uniform.

Froleytia Capistrano from Heavy Object

#27 Kazanari Tsubasa, Symphogear

Tsubasa Kazanari (風鳴 翼 Kazanari Tsubasa) is a tall girl with dark blue eyes and hairs. She also has a side ponytail on the left side of her head. Tsubasa is also the sixth main character of the series who was first introduced as a pop student with cold personality. Her harsh behavior is due to her tragic past memories, her previous partner has lost his life two years earlier in a Noise attack.

Kazanari Tsubasa from Symphogear

#26 Kitagawa Marin, My Dress-Up Darling

Kitagwa-san is the sexy anime girl and one of the protagonist of My-Dress Up Darling series. She admires the second main character Wakana Gojo and can do anything to stay with him. However, the male protagonist doesn’t seem to show his true feelings but the girl kept on blushing when someone see the couple close and ask if they are dating each other.

Kitagawa from My Dress Up Darling
Kitagawa san in the official poster of My Dress-Up Darling anime

#25 Illia, YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World

Illia is a sword fighter who is often seen calm until someone initiates an attack on her. She is a short girl with long white hairs reaching to hips from behind and cuts short from the front to just cover shoulders. Her purple eyes look great with pointy ears.

Illia from YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World

#24 Ayame Himuro, Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shōmei Shite Mita

Ayame Himuro (氷室 菖蒲 Himuro Ayame) is a first year post graduate science and tech researcher at Saitama University. She has long lavender hairs that falls up to hip length, her blue green eyes and large breasts can be seen clearly while she moves.

Ayame Himuro from Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shōmei Shite Mita

#23 Vert, Hyperdimension Neptunia

Vert (ベール, Bēru?), also known as Green Heart, is the goddess and CPU of Leanbox. She is immature but also very kind and polite. Vert have a close relationship with Chika or vice versa that gives her hope to survive. She often puts her desires before more important things but is friendly on the other side.

Vert from Hyperdimension Neptunia anime series

#22 Arashi Nikaido, Oniichan dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!

Arashi Nikaidō (二階 堂 ika Nikaidō Arashi) is a third-year high school student in Saint Liliana and the President of Arashi Student Council. She wears a pentagonal blindfold on her right eye and a pony with red hairs.

Arashi Nikaido from Oniichan dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne anime

#21 Lenore, Castlevania

Lenore (レノーア Renōa?) is one of the main character introduced in Season 3 of the Castlevania animated TV series. She is the Queen of Styria and a member of the Council of Sisters where she served as their diplomat. She was charged to convince Hector to help the Council build an army of night creatures.

Lenore from Castlevania anime

#20 Sadi Chan, One Piece

Sadi is a beautiful tall woman with long orange unkempt hairs with some bangs covering her eyes. Her design resembles with the woman involved in erotic humiliation while she wears a sexy pink color outfit that exposed her breasts with fringes all over around her waist.

Sadi also has a yellow colored ring that covered all the three straps, one from above and two from downside. Her attractive figure makes her one of the hottest female character ever created in One Piece.

Sadi Chan One Piece

#19 Orihime Inoue, Bleach

Orihime is one of the most attractive female anime character that drive fans crazy. She is full of energy, brains, erotica, and even she has guts to go through any difficulty with all her courage.

The girl lacks confidence in the beginning but as the series progressed, she has proven herself as an important character all over the Bleach franchise.

Orihime Bleach sexiest anime girl

She wears crop tops most of the time that makes her so sexy with her long burnt orange hairs flowing through her curvy body. Her curvaceous figure is noticeable with her huge breasts while she tied her hair in bangs and tucked them behind her ears. She wore hairpins in the memory of her brother and removes them only while sleeping. Indeed, she is a hot anime girl.

#18 Nemuri Kayama, My Hero Academia

Nemuri is a faculty member at UA High School who taught modern Hero Art History to newcomers. She is a tall woman with curvaceous figure and blue eyes titled downwards.

Her head is filled with purple color hairs of varying lengths with some covering her face from the right corner and middle of forehead, the longest layers reaches near her hips. The hot anime girl wears a red mask that covered her eyes and often wears handcuff on each wrist, along with a flogger whip.

Nemuri My hero Academia hottest anime teacher

#17 Saria, The Fruit of Evolution

Saria is the main female anime character of Shinka No Mi that transformed into a young woman due to the effect of evolution evolution fruit. She can change her from a pink gorilla to her human form anytime.

All this happened after completing the 10th evolution, she gained a human body and becomes a charismatic woman with long red hairs. Saria wears a white dress of varying size that exposed her breasts from the sides and middle, a neckless is seen around her neck with a heart in it. She has characteristic blue eyes with a surprising face. Saria is an underrated hot anime girl who can do miracles with Seiichi.

Saria The Fruit of Evolution

#16 Fūka, Naruto: Shippuden

The girl has played the role of villainess who was known to kill his prey with a seductive kiss known as Reaper Kiss in the dub. However, she is so peculiar about her hairs and called as her life.

Fūka has a symmetrical face with a seductive attitude and her dress exposed both shoulders. She confronts Naruto also in the end and even hunted him for a while but she wasn’t able to control his superior power of nine tails and eventually give up. While Naruto pick himself up and grabbed a handful of hairs of her that revealed her true evil identity.

Fuka Naruto Shippuden

#15 Meiko Shiraki, Prison School Hot Anime Girl

Any list of hottest female anime characters left incomplete without the vice president of Underground Student Council. Meiko is a tall curvy woman with large breasts and silver hairs. She wore oval sunglasses on her serious eyes, usually she is seen wearing a school uniform with a miniskirt that exposed most of her knees upper portion.

The special part is, she sweat profusely whenever she is facing fear to disappoint her best friend Mari in any form. She is having a misandrist personality who always punished her students, Gakuto is her regular victim. Whatever, she does, the school is filled with really hot anime girls and she is sexy woman with big boobs.

Meiko Shiraki Prison School anime

#14 Boa Hancock, One Piece

Boa Hanock is a tall and slender woman with an attractive figure. As per series creator, her breasts are bigger than Nami and Robin’s breast that fits in a J-cup in Japan. Her outfit changes frequently as per different journeys, she wore a red blouse when first introduced then she is seen wearing hooded cloak and qipao.

She is one of the teammates of Luffy who was the main antagonist of the Amazon Lily Arc. Eventually, she fell in love with our main protagonist during Summit War Saga and also accompanied him in Stampede movie and in the series from Cidre Guild Filler Arc.

Boa Hancock One Piece sexiest anime girl

#13 Rias Gremory, High School DXD

Rias is the most sexiest female character of High School DXD franchise who is also a first year student at Kuoh Academy. She has a voluptuous body with bigger boobs and blue eyes, her characteristic crimson hairs reached below her hips and covered her thighs.

Although, she has worn different outfits but most of the time she is seen in high school uniform that consists of white shirt and magenta skirt with white accents. The Kuoh Academy is a place where sexy anime girls assemble. You can watch the series from here.

Rias Gremory High School DXD

#12 Leafa, Swords Art Online

Kirigaya Suguha popularly known as Leafa is the second most important character in ALO’s Fairy Dance Arc. She is the adopted sister of Kazuto, the main protagonist of the series. Leafa has long blonde hairs and green eyes with super heavy breasts as compared to other female characters of the Alfheim online.

Her embarrassing expression looks very cute when she is around her cousin, Kazuto also defined her as monstrously muscular girl with heavier body. No list of hot anime girls can be completed without Leafa.

Leafa Swords Art Online

#11 Momo Yaoyorozu, My Hero Academia

Momo is the vice president of UA high school who is training to become a Pro Hero. She is a teenage girl with a cute body rather than any mature woman with a voluptuous body. Her long black hairs are tied into a spiky ponytail while some hairs hanging on her right side of the face.

She looks innocent with black eyes and short eyebrows but in real life, she acts as a natural leader who often remains calm in perilous situations. If you are looking for really hot anime girls in bikinis then Momo will suit you well.

Momo Yaoyorozu from My Hero Academia

Now we have entered into the top 10 hottest anime girls so get ready to see the final showdown.

#10 Akame, Akame Ga Kill! Hot Anime Girl

Akame is a teen loli with long black hairs that reaches down to her knees covers some part of her red eyes. She usually seen wearing wearing a dark colored devil dress tat has a white collar and a red tie. Lower outfit consist of a red belt covering a black pleated skirt. She wears red gauntlets in her hands along with black gloves just like other hot anime girls.

Akame sexiest anime girl in Akame Ga Kill

#9 Maha, The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat

Maha is one of the cutest female characters of the series other than Tart. She is adopted by the main protagonist Lugh Tuatha de in the form of a merchant.

Her sexy and curvy figure looks stunning with long blue hairs covering her hands from behind, her captivating purple eyes enhanced her beauty further. Moreover, she often gets complement from the main protagonist about her beauty and skills. Her figure looks more mature than any female character of this series but her body seduces Lugh Tuatha de that makes her a hot anime girl for all the series lovers.

Maha Worlds Finest Assassin

#8 Altria-san, The Fruit of Evolution

Altria was infamous for bringing bad luck to everyone she felt close with and that’s why she doesn’t want anyone to come closer. But when she is introduced with the main protagonist, she developed feelings for him as love at first sight and the protagonist also saved her lives several times to empower her.

Whenever she comes closer to Seiichi, her breasts become uncomfortable and eventually she confessed her love and the generous Saria accepts her as well. She is a charming woman with well-endowed curvy figure, huge breasts with an athletic body. No doubt, she deserves to be top 10 in the list of sexy anime girls.

Altria The Fruit of Evolution

#7 Cat Burglar Nami, One Piece

Nami is the navigator of Straw Hats. She was once a member of the Arlong Pirates who joined Straw Hat Pirates to rob them and buy back her village from Arlong but her mood changed when Straw Hats decide to help her by rebelling against Arlong. Then, she become a legit member of the clan of Luffy.

She is a tall and slender woman with average height, long orange hairs with shiny brown eyes. Fans gone mad when she was first introduced in Bikini, indeed she is the sexiest anime girl and must included in the list of hot anime girls. You can watch it on Crunchyroll.

Nami in the list of sexiest anime girls of One Piece

#6 Darkness, Konosuba

Dustiness Ford Lalatina or Darkness is one of the three main female characters of Konosuba who travels with Kazuma. She is also known as the perverted hot anime girl of the series. She always ready to be humiliated and enjoy when someone forces her.

Due to her masochistic tendencies, she often looks Kazuma in a different way and even shared false news with her father that she is pregnant with Kazuma’s child. In actual world, she belongs to a royal family but she wanted to become a crusader and that’s why she joined Kazuma’s party. She usually seen in a yellow and black sleeveless dress with silver trimmings just like crusaders. Personally, this is sexiest anime girl of Konosuba other than Megumi and Aqua.

Darkness Konosuba

#5 Maron, Dragon Ball Z

Maron and Bulma, both are gorgeous. Bulma is the first friend of Goku in the Dragon Ball series and the hot anime girl of DBZ. She is brilliant scientist and the daughter of Capsule Corporation. At first, she was the girlfriend of Yamcha but eventually she become the wife of Vegeta.

Her role is most consistent in the Dragon Ball franchise like Goku, she is introduced in the first chapter of manga and her role is maintained till the end of series. Her outfits and hairstyles have changed several times so there are details for every arc. She is one among the list of hottest anime girls of all time.

Bulma Dragon Ball Z
Maron from Dragon Ball Z

Maron is the girlfriend of Krillin who calls Bulma and Chi-Chi as middle aged ladies. Even though, Chi-Chi is one year younger than Krillin, Maron often seems flirting with other guys including Goku and Vegeta.

#4 Lucy Heartfilia, Fairy Tail

Lucy is one of the sexiest mage of the Fairy Tail guild with brown eyes and long blonde hairs that she tied with ribbons from left side leaving the remaining hairs hanging on the right side. Her appearance changed in X792 than as in X791 when she had a curvaceous and buxom body. She always wears a belt to hold her skirt upright along with securing her Celestial spirit keys, and a heart-shaped end. No matter what, she always stays in our list of hot anime girls forever.

Lucy Fairy Tail

#3 Elizabeth Liones, The Seven Deadly Sins Hot Anime Girl

Elizabeth is the deuteragonist of Seven Deadly sins(Nanatsu no Taizai) anime and the third adoptive princess of the Kingdom of Liones, the 107th. The princess looks very beautiful with an attractive figure and big bust. Her blue characteristic eyes and silver hairs covered her face from right side while the long unkempt hairs reaching down her waist. Her outfit changes with different arcs like in Liones Royal Family, Boar Hut, New Holy War, etc.

Elizabeth Liones Seven Deadly Sins

#2 Mikasa Ackerman, Attack on Titan

Mikasa is the last descendant of the Shogun clan and a hot anime girl that is surviving on the Paradis Island. She was saved by the main protagonist of the series after her father and mother were murdered by Bandits. As per appearance, she is a tall, slim, and serious woman who tried her best to save Eren but in the end Eren has to meet his fate leaving Mikasa behind.

Mikasa Attack on Titan

Her hairs are black and short while some long hairs covering her face from the right side. Likewise, any solider, she can be seen wearing a uniform that consists of a short tight black jacket with a badge of Scout Regiment on both shoulders give her a fabulous look.

#1 Celica Arfonia, Akashic Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor

Celica is the second most important character of Akashic Records series and the must have participant among hot anime girls of all time. Her seductive yellow eyes look charming with a finely shaped body. Besides being a beauty, she is also an academic professor at Alzano Imperial Magic Academy and the mother of Glenn Radars. She wears long black gown with red flowering design, a waistband can be seen around her body that highlights her curvaceous body.

Celica Arfonia Akashic Records

So that was the countdown for 20 hot anime girls that we found sexiest. If you have more sexy anime characters do share with us.

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