Undead Unluck Anime confirmed to premiere in October 2023

Undead Unluck anime release date has been confirmed with a 2nd teaser visual on Twitter.

Based on the shonen manga series Andeddo Anrakku, the series follows the meeting of an unlucky girl Fuuko with an undead named Andy.

An anime adaptation was announced in August 2022 (like Dungeon Meshi anime) with TMS Entertainment as the production and planner studio and David Productions as the studio for animation.

The manga is written and illustrated by Yoshifumi Tozuka for the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. It began serialization in January 2020 and as of now, the author has released 16 volumes of the manga series.

Undead Unluck Anime Season 1 Release Date

Undead Unluck anime is set to premiere in October 2023, according to the visual released on the official Japanese website of Undead Unluck. The adventure anime series is likely to have 12 episodes in total and all of them will be available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

Undead Unluck anime poster featuring Andy holding Fuuko in his arms
Image: TMS Entertainment

In December 2022, an official trailer was released that confirmed a 2023 release and finally, a second visual has revealed that the anime series will began airing from October this year alongside The Eminence in Shadow season 2 on HIDIVE.

Previously, it was speculated that the anime will be released in Oct and the speculation turns out to be true as it is coming in the fall anime season. That was the time in March 2023 when creators hadn’t dropped an official premiere date.

Main Characters of Undead Unluck Anime

Fuuko Izumo (Moe Kahara)

Fuuko is a young girl who teams up with Andy after deciding to end her life. She is depressed for her unclucky charm that killed her parents and several other people in a plane crash. Her Negator ability is so powerful that whoever touches her skin-to-skin dies.

Andy (Yuichi Nakamura)

Andy is a suicidal and reckless muscular man who is trying new ways to kill himself but his negator ability ‘Undead’ saves him from dying every time. He takes interst in Fuuko as she is having an ability that might help in killing him.

He can use his generative abilities to do a multitude of things like firing his finger as a bullet, or firing his legs like a rocket. He is also holding a card in his head that brings a second personality named Victhor on removal. Andy is aware of the loop so he doesn’t die even when the world is reset.

There are two other side characters namely, Shen Xiang (Natsuki Hanae) and Void Volks (Kenji Nomura).

Official Trailer

An official trailer for Undead Unluck anime was released five months ago on the official YouTube Channel of TMS Entertainment that shows Andy as the undead saving Fuuko from taking her life. Moreover, the trailer shows that Andy can fire his head like a rocket and regenerate his skeletal structure.

The trailer also reveals staff members like Yuki Yase as director, Hideyuki Morioka as Character designer, animation studio – David Production (known for Jojo Bizarre and Cells at Work!).

What is the plot of Undead Unluck anime?

Fuuko is tired of killing all of her loved onces with her special ‘Unluck’ ability and is planning to suicide. When the girl jumps out of the train to die, a man named Andy saves him. The man longs for death but remains undead from a very long time.

After meeting, the two teams up to look out for their purpose in life. When Fuuko finds a reason to live, Andy finds someone who is capable giving him the death that he has been looking for from a very long time.

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