Ranger Reject Anime Release Date, Project Video Breakdown

Negi Hauba’s Ranger Reject is receiving a TV anime adaptation and Sato Keiichi of Taiwani is joining as the director. The SP project video has been released on the official website of Go! Go! Loser Ranger! and the more we look the key visual, the more it reminds us of Fire Punch Volume 1.

This will be the second series of Haruba to get an anime treatment after The Quintessential Quintuplets, a popular harem anime series that first released in 2019. The series will follow the footsteps of the original manga that follows a war between the Divine Dragon Rangers and the villainous army of evil with immortal capabilities.

Fans are thrilled with the news that their favorite manga series will be adapted into an anime TV series. Some have even started speculating an air date. Let’s reveal everything we know.

Ranger Reject Anime Release Date

The announcement regarding the Sentai Daishikkaku anime adaptation was made by the original manga creator Negi Haruba on 6 Dec 2022 on their official website but no release date has been announced.

Go Go Loser Ranger Reject anime release date
via Go Go Loser Ranger PV

Even though, no official air date has been announced, we can expect the Ranger Reject anime to premiere sometime in 2024 if some lesser known studio will be given the charge of this series production.

Sato Keiichi, who has worked on ‘TIGER & BUNNY’ and ‘Inuyashiki’ will be the director for the series but the anime production studio is yet to be announced.

Solo Leveling is another awaited anime adaptation series whose release date was unknown two months ago but the latest teaser (released in March 2023) has revealed that season 1 of Solo Leveling anime series will premiere in Q1 2024.

We can expect the same to happen with this superhero series adaptation. Director Sato has enthusiastically said, ‘Isn’t it okay if it happened once in a while?’

The anime series will definitely take some time because it the studio who will be given in-charge of production hasn’t confirmed yet. If the original studio is confirmed in 2023 then we can expect the series to premiere sometime in 2024.

Ranger Reject Project Video Breakdown

The short video begins with the floating castle of monsters who are planning to invade human grounds with all of their superpowers. Footsoldier D challenges their leader with his full strength but is stopped by Sosei Akabane, the Red Keeper.

Then, we see Yumeko Suzukiri, Hibiki Sakurama, Chidori, Sesera Sakurma, Magatia, Footsoldier XX, Pink Keeper, Yellow Keeper, Blue Keeper, and Green Keeper. The Red Keeper can be seen drilling land with his power batton to summon the dragons and the video ends with a nefarious smirk of Red Keeper.

Ranger Reject anime trailer
via Go! Go! Loser Ranger! (Sentai Daishikkaku) PV

What part of Ranger Reject anime PV did you love the most? Was that the energetic music, the adaptation of Keepers, Footsolder D, or Chidori? I love the music, that’s reminds me of Power Rangers.

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