Delicious in Dungeon Meshi anime trailer confirms a 2024 release date

Delicious in Dungeon Meshi anime was announced in August 2022 by the original manga author and illustrator Ryoko Kui.

Now, a first look has been released by Kadokawa that reveals the main cast and staff of the anime. The PV also confirms that the anime is set to release in 2024.

Studio Trigger has been given the charge of production for this TV anime adapted from the manga of the same name, written and designed by Ryoko Kui.

The manga volumes have been ongoing since February 2014 and the Japanese author has published 12 volumes so far in Enterbrain’s Harta magazine in Japan whereas in North America, it is licensed by Yen Press.

Delicious in Dungeon Meshi anime Release Date Confirmed

Kadokawa released an official trailer for the Dungeon Meshi anime on Thursday, 25 May 2023 that has confirmed a January 2024 release but no complete date has been announced yet. Episode count is not confirmed but most likely, season 1 of the anime series will have 12 episodes.

Delicious in Dungeon Meshi anime Release Date Confirmed
Image: Courtsey of Studio Trigger

However, this is a big reveal as fans have been waiting for an official annonucement till August 2022, when only studio name was revealed as Trigger.

The studio is known for producing some of the greatest animes of all time like Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (2022), SSSS Dynazenon (2021) and Kill La Kill (2013-2014).

It seems that the time has come for a little celebration as many important plot details have been revealed along with the important cast and characters. Now, let’s dive into the cast.

Who’s in the cast of Dungeon Meshi anime?

Yoshihiro Miyajima has been assigned as the director, Kimiko is given the charge of scripts while Naoki Takeda is animating all the characters of the anime adaptation. Yasunori Mitsuda is composing the music for the cooking comedy series.

The voice cast of the anime includes Kentaro Kumagai as Laios, Sayaka Senbongi as Marcille, Asuna Tomaro as Chilchuck, and Hiroshi Naka as Senshi. All the four characters can be seen eating like an animal in the middle of dungeon.

What is the series about?

Delicious in Dungeon Meshi is the long running manga series that follows four main characters namely Laios, his sister Falin, Chilchak, and the elven mage Marcille. The party disbands after a powerful red dragon eats Falin.

Before being eaten, Falin saved others by teleporting them outside of the dungeon. However, Laios doesn’t want to let go of her sister and decides to form a army to defeat that dragon and take her sister’s revenge.

Along their journey, the remaining trio meets an eccentric dwarf Senshi who has a passion of cooking and eating monsters. Taking the dwarf with 10 years of experience, the party moves into the dungeon to find Falin while finishing all the food supplies that comes in their way.

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