Where was Tall Dark and Dangerous filmed? See Lifetime Cast

The Lifetime thriller movie ‘Tall Dark and Dangerous‘ narrates the unsettling story of Alice, a successful attorney who gets catfished by a dating app match named Chris.

As Alice discovers Chris has stolen his roommate Jason’s identity, things spiral out of control with Chris becoming obsessed and threatening Alice’s life.

The horror film is directed David DeCoteau from the screenplay of Adam Rockoff, Owen Schenck and Ryan Schenck, while Barry Barnholtz, Jeffrey Schenck, Brian Nolan, and Peter Sullivan are executive producers.

Tall Dark and Dangerous Filming Locations

While the movie paints a picture of quaint neighborhoods and charming cafes, Tall Dark and Dangerous was filmed entirely in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California inside the United States of America.

Tall Dark and Dangerous filming in Los Angeles
Courtsey of Lifetime

Principal photography took place in April 2022, bringing the story to life using a mix of filming sets and properties scattered throughout the city.

Los Angeles, California, USA

As the epicenter of the global film industry, Los Angeles contains endless filming sites like studios, backlots, and smaller venues perfect for intimate thrillers.

While iconic studios often come to mind when thinking of LA filming, Lifetime movies frequently utilize the city’s many lesser-known filming locations.

These affordable options scattered throughout the city provide the authentic backdrops matched with infrastructure needed for efficient filming. It’s a winning combination allowing productions like ‘Tall Dark and Dangerous’ to maximize budgets while still delivering high production values.

The arid, sun-drenched landscapes of LA neighborhoods essentially act as supporting characters in Lifetime thrillers like this one. Leaning into the ambient backdrop, the filming locations further the ominious and unsettling mood.

Secluded Parks and Gardens

Remember those tense scenes where Alice and Jason try to escape Chris’s clutches? Griffith Park, Runyon Canyon, or even the Los Angeles County Arboretum could have been the filming grounds for these outdoor encounters.

Imagine the lush greenery and hidden pathways providing both beauty and suspense as they navigate the danger.

Woodland Hills Site for Production Company

Hybrid Productions, the production company behind ‘Tall Dark and Dangerous’, is located in Woodland Hills at 23277 Ventura Boulevard.

Having created multiple Lifetime and Netflix thrillers in the LA area, Hybrid Productions has the market cornered for filming psychological dramas across the city.

Iconic Restaurants and Cafes

From romantic dinners to casual coffee dates, Los Angeles is brimming with vibrant eateries. Melrose Place, Robertson Boulevard, and Abbot Kinney are just a few areas known for their trendy restaurants and cafes, often used in Lifetime movies.

Picture Alice and Chris enjoying a seemingly perfect first date at a chic cafe, only for the facade to crumble later as Chris’s true colors emerge.

Access to Filming Locations Boosts Production

The abundance of filming sites across Los Angeles combined with California’s film tax credits make productions here smooth and financially viable. This access and infrastructure is why Lifetime entertainment regularly chooses to lens stories in LA.

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For low-budget productions with short filming schedules like a Lifetime movie, having a wealth of filming locations and studios at the ready is essential to stay on track. The city providing this filming flexibility has cemented Los Angeles as the go-to filming destination for productions big and small.

Some of the recent Lifetime productions that took place in LA include ‘Silent Night Fatal Night’, ‘Fatal Affair’, ‘Is There A Killer in My Family‘, ‘The Wrong Life Coach’, ‘Mom’s Christmas Boyfriend‘, ‘Secret Obsession’, ‘A Christmas Intern‘, ‘Sabotaging the Squad’, ‘A Widow Seduced‘ and – all lensed within Los Angeles and carrying Hybrid Productions’ signature tension-filled style.

What’s more, over 100 years of film history also means Los Angeles has a skilled pool of film professionals to efficiently execute projects. This rich talent base experienced in crafting thrillers is another boon for productions like ‘Tall, Dark and Dangerous’ and Lifetime channel broadly.

Tall Dark and Dangerous Lifetime Cast

The cast of Tall Dark and Dangerous includes:

  • Jamie Bernadette as Alice
  • Matthew Pohlkamp as Chris
  • Jackée Harry as Detective Graham
  • Tom Sandoval as Jason
  • Eric Roberts as Ed Stein
  • Michael Paré as Bill
  • Tracy Nelson as Susie
  • Caryn Richman as Dr. Taylor
  • Vera Lee as Stacy
  • Peter Daniel Adams as Jake
  • Brian Nolan as Louis
  • Alana Walker as Jane
  • Jasmine Aivaliotis as Pauline
  • Grisselle Escotto as Mercedes
  • Daniel Joo as Detective Ross
  • Philip McElroy as Detective Jackson

Where to watch Tall Dark and Dangerous?

As of February 2024, “Tall Dark and Dangerous” is available to watch on the Lifetime channel’s website and app. You’ll need a cable or satellite subscription that includes Lifetime to access it there.

If you don’t have cable, fear not! Several streaming services offer Lifetime content, including:

  • Hulu + Live TV
  • YouTube TV
  • FuboTV

These services require a subscription, but they often offer free trials.

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